Sunday Songs

Monsters // Ruelle

Storm // Ruelle

Where Do We Go From Here // Ruelle

Revolution // Diplo

Hurts Like Hell // Fleurie

New Year’s Eve // MO

Glass // MO

Youth // Foxes

Ophelia // The Lumineers


Governor’s Ball 2016!

Can you believe it’s that time again already?! I can’t! But I’m so excited!

Today, Governor’s Ball announced their lineup for the 2016 festival happening in June. Last year, it was one of the best weekends of my life, and I wrote multiple posts on here telling you guys all about it.

I had super high hopes for the lineup this year (especially after seeing Coachella’s amazing lineup). Unfortunately, I was a tad bit disappointed. Maybe after such an incredible and diverse lineup last year, my expectations were just too high. And I had my hopes up for certain artists that didn’t make the list.

But, that being said, the lineup is still pretty good and there’s quite a few artists that I’ll be happy to see. The weekend and festival alone is enough of a reason to attend, even if the lineup didn’t live up to my expectations. Plus, my friend Rebecca is going with me this year!

So who am I excited to see this year? (And again, there weren’t any artists that I was losing my mind over like last year, but they’re still pretty good). On my lineup for now is…

The Strokes
The Killers
Death Cab for Cutie
Of Monsters and Men
Chet Faker
Two Door Cinema Club
Matt and Kim
Lord Huron
Betty Who
Elle King
Circa Waves

If you’re in NYC this summer, this is definitely something you’ll want to do. I love music festivals- the vibe, the energy, the music, the people, the clothes, the art… it’s just so much fun for the hippie in me. I encourage all of you to go at least once in your life! Tickets for Gov Ball are on sale now! You can buy them HERE!

And in case you’re wondering where my regular Week in NYC post is, this is it. Because this is literally all I’ve been thinking about all week long. I knew they would make the announcement soon, so I was just counting down the days all week. This sums up what I got excited about this week and what I did- I stalked the Gov Ball website for this announcement.

Saturday Songs

I’m not gonna lie- the only music I’ve listened to all week long is the new albums from A Great Big World and One Direction… they’re just so catchy!

So I’m gonna rec the songs I originally had lined up for you guys last week, before those two albums dropped. Enjoy!

Wild Child // Saving Face

Wild Child // Oklahoma 

Wild Child // Bullets

St. Lucia // Dancing on Glass

Halsey // Castle

Little May // Midnight Hour

Saturday Songs!


I had a whole line-up of songs to rec to you guys today, but I’m scratching that and instead, I’m giving you my favorite new songs that dropped yesterday. And there were A LOT. Get excited!

Hailee Steinfeld // Hell Nos and Headphones

Troye Sivan // YOUTH

A Great Big World // End of the World

A Great Big World // Oasis

A Great Big World // Kaleidoscope

A Great Big World // Come On

A Great Big World // Won’t Stop Running

A Great Big World // Where Does the Time Go

One Direction // Perfect

One Direction // Infinity

One Direction // End of the Day

One Direction // If I Could Fly

One Direction // Never Enough

One Direction // History

One Direction // Temporary Fix

One Direction // Walking in the Wind

One Direction // Wolves

Sorry for the lack of links in some of those 1D songs; they’re just too new! Go check them out on Spotify, though!

Saturday Songs

I didn’t have a chance to prepare a Saturday Songs for you guys this weekend! Ahhhh I’m so sorry! I have been so busy today!

BUT! A band I like did just release their first album, and I have a few songs that I really enjoy from the album. So I’ll share those with you! Secret Someones opened for A Great Big World when I saw them in concert at their album launch last year. They’re a girl-power rock band and I actually really liked them! So I’ve been following them ever since! And this week they finally released their first album- a lot of my faves are actually their singles that they released beforehand, but there are a few new faves in there, too.

Secret Someones // I Won’t Follow

Secret Someones // Quit Pulling Me Down

Secret Someones // Let You Go

Secret Someones // Heartbreaker

Secret Someones // Chase Your Shadow 

These guys are a little different from the music I normally rec, but I love me a good girl-power rock group!