The Adventures of Emrys

You guys are so overdue for a post on little Miss Em!

Emrys was absolutely adorable on Halloween this year. She dressed as her namesake, once again.

photo 1 (3)

I think I’ll continue to do that every year- I think it’s a cool concept, to dress as the same thing every year for Halloween, but do a different costume for it each time. So every year she’ll most likely be dressed as Merlin, but I’ll get her a different witch’s costume each year for her to wear. Because she just looks so stinkin cute in her costumes!

This past weekend, my roommates and I remodeled the living room. We threw out some of our old furniture, finally got a couch, and re-arranged and re-decorated the house. And Em is OBSESSED with the new couch. It’s pretty cute because the couch is grey, so she blends right in with it.

photo 4 (2)            photo 3 (2)

She’s napped on the couch pretty much nonstop since we got it, so I’m glad she approves of her new throne. She also loves getting underneath the couch then jumping out and scaring us as we walk by… go figure. So she’s loving the new living room arrangement and has been hanging out in there since we did that over the weekend.

Em got an early Christmas present this week. She asked her grandma for a new scratching post, since hers has seen better days. She’s absolutely adorable when she opens presents, because she literally opens her own presents. If I wrap something up for her, she tears into the wrapping paper and pulls her new toy out and starts playing with it. She’s like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s so cute. And she is so happy with her new scratching post. It’s bigger and taller than her old one, and has a little perch at the top that she can just barely stand on- she’s not meant to do that, but she’s a cat, so she’ll do what she wants. I’m so pleased that she loves her present (and grandma is pleased, too)!

Emrys also took a bubble bath with me this week- not even kidding. I got a new bath bomb from Lush that was packed full of glitter, and Em always hangs out in the bathroom with me when I take a bath, because if I disappear for a while and she knows I’m home, she gets upset that I’m ignoring her and sits outside the bathroom door and cries. So she was in the bathroom with me, like she normally does. But the water was so glittery that she was mesmerized. She jumped up on the edge of the tub and kept dipping her toes in the water, swirling the glitter around. It was hilarious and so, so cute!

She’s just been precious all month long. She’s laying next to me, sound asleep as I type this post for you guys. She’s a happy little kitty 🙂


The Adventures of Emrys – Lush Super Model!

It’s official! EMRYS IS FAMOUS!

For those of you who follow this blog, or know me in real life, you know about my obsession with Lush Cosmetics. Well, Lush is having a contest this month! It’s called #Lushoween! They choose 5 winners each month- the winners are people who have taken a picture of their Lushoween! It can be anything- a bubble bath, your favorite product, make-up, your Halloween costume…

I entered the first week with this picture…


And I won!

My roommate, Julie, took all the pictures, while I did “set design” and “lighting” (aka, I put out all the products and swirled my phone flashlight around and smiled pretty for the camera). I couldn’t believe we won the first round! You see, we took just under 300 pictures, and picked out 8 to submit. The plan was for each of us to submit one of our pictures every week until we won.

So, this past week, Julie submitted two more of her pictures, to see if she could win, as well. And the picture that won is….

photo 1 (9)

My little girl is a model! And now the whole world knows it! (And yes, that is her Halloween costume this year. She’s going as her namesake again)!

I’m a bit worried all the fame is going to her head, though. She seems quite smug about her new-found fame…

photo 2 (9)

I bought a Halloween toy for her the other day and had it hidden in my closet, still in the packaging, to give to her the week of Halloween. Well, she went snooping in my closet, found the toy, tore into the packaging, and got the toy out and started playing with it. She’s worse than a kid snooping through closets before Christmas!

It’s so easy to forgive her though, because she’s the cutest little kitten in the world. She has been super snugly with the colder weather arriving. It’s these sleepy mornings and nap times that make all the mischief worth it (although she’s pretty darn cute when she’s being mischievous, too).

photo 4 (4)   photo 3 (6)

The Adventures of Emrys

I honestly don’t have much to report on Emrys this week… which is a GOOD thing! I am so proud of Emrys because she has been so well-behaved all week! She hasn’t had a single accident and she hasn’t been getting in trouble. I’m seriously just so proud of her!

In true Emrys form, she has been SO CUDDLY every single day. It was honestly so hard to get out of bed this morning, because the second she realized I was awake, she came over and laid down on my chest and kept licking my cheek and she’s just SO CUTE.

Emrys had her costume fitting this week for Halloween! And she is looking cute! You don’t get any photos of her in costume yet, though (and trust me, there are PLENTY of photos). You’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

I also brought out the Halloween decorations over the weekend, and this little one has claimed my pumpkin blanket as her own! She’s pretty much glued to it. When she’s not by my side (because, let’s be honest… she’s a total mama’s girl), she is napping on top of this blanket.

photo 4 (3) photo 1 (8) photo 2 (8) photo 3 (5)

And since I brought out the Halloween decorations, I decided it was time to give her the Halloween toys I bought for her a few weeks back. She’s obsessed with them. When I come home from work, her toys are scattered all over the apartment. I keep all of her toys in her bed, because she doesn’t like sleeping in it (she sleeps in the bed with me, obvs), so it serves as a toy bin. And when she wants to play, she goes over and digs through it until she finds a toy that catches her eye, and she drags it out and plays with it. And all week she keeps dragging out her new Halloween toys! I’m so pleased that she loves them.

I love how independent she is and that she plays on her own while I’m at work. I was worried when Oliver moved house that she would be lonely and bored while I was at work all day, since she would be on her own. But if the state of my apartment covered in her toys is any indication, she’s doing just fine. She loves playing with me too, though. When I pull out a toy and play interactively with her, she purrs and purrs. It’s hilarious. She’ll be running laps around the house and chasing after her toys, purring all the while. I think it’s adorable that she realizes we’re playing together and that it makes her so happy.

The Adventures of Emrys

My cat is a spoiled brat and I just love her so much what is wrong with me?!

So basically, I had a friend crash at my place over the weekend. I don’t have a couch in my apartment yet, so we shared my bed. Emrys was not impressed that there was suddenly a body laying in her spot on the bed. I’m pretty sure she didn’t sleep the entire night, and when I got up the next morning, she hopped up onto her spot and looked soooooo smug. It was hilarious. And then she was exhausted for the rest of the day since she didn’t sleep and she kept falling over where she stood.

Of course, on the flip side, Em loved all the attention from my friend. She’s not shy around strangers at all. If you have functioning hands that can pet her, then she’ll be your forever friend. She got double the love all weekend long and was absolutely spoiled.

My roommates still love Em (obviously. She’s adorable). So one of my roommates picked up a can of wet food, just to treat her this week. Em nibbled on it all day long- she literally savored it, you guys. Too funny.

And, as always, Em loves trying to keep me in bed in the mornings. She is so sweet and cuddly when she first wakes up, and she snuggles up to me and gives me kisses and purrs and purrs and purrs and it makes it so hard to leave the warmth of my bed and get to work.

IMG_1070   IMG_3021

Sadly, I must report that Emrys broke her favorite toy last week. She loves this pink laser toy that I bought her and she’s so smart, because she figured out where the light comes from. So when she wants to play with the laser, she knocks the laser pointer off the table and starts chasing it around the apartment, like she’s anticipating the red dot coming out of it. But she got a little too excited to play with it the other day, so when she knocked it off the table, it broke! I’ll have to go out and buy her a new one now, and find a hiding place to store it where she won’t find it. Wish me luck with that impossible task…

Finally, on a very positive note, Em has been doing so much better with her litter box since her visit to the vet! There have been zero incidents! I’m so pleased! Fingers crossed she continues to only pee in her litter box. However, I did have some difficulty cleaning her ears this week. She has one ear that gets pretty gross on a regular basis, so I have to clean it out. But she HATES it. She has never bitten or scratched or hissed at anyone. But I definitely walked away with a few scratches and puncture wounds from her trying to flee. She just hates having her ears cleaned so much that she freaks out and tries to run away and I’m trying to hold her still, and my arms and legs get caught in the cross-fire. She was pretty grumpy with me for the rest of the night after I did her ears, but she had forgiven me by morning, as always.

I’m off to buy Em her Halloween costume today during lunch. Get excited. It’s going to be amazing. Don’t you worry- there will be pictures 🙂

The Adventures of Emrys: The Litter Box Fiasco

Well, I took Emrys to the vet to figure out why she was peeing on my bed… and it’s a behavioral issue. It just goes to show that no matter how well we know our pets, they can still surprise and leave us wondering what’s going on in their little heads.

I got Em almost a year and a half ago, and from the very beginning, she slept with me in the bed at night. I have a small apartment, true to the NYC lifestyle, so my room has always been her room. It’s where her food is, it’s where her litter box is, and it’s where we sleep at night. I always knew that I wanted her shut in the room with me at night. And she never had an issue with it, because I trained her to be ok with it from the very first night. But now, suddenly, she’s peeing in my bed (and still using her litter box at the same time, so I knew it wasn’t an issue with her litter or the location of her box). Nothing in the apartment has changed, she’s on the same routine she’s always been on, she has no medical problems causing this behavior, she has the same litter I’ve always bought for you, she gets loads of love and attention. She just got it in her head all of a sudden that it’s ok to use the bathroom on my bed.

So, this week I’ll share with you the steps I’m taking to stop this behavioral issue! And I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on how they work for me and Emrys!

Step 1) Block the pet from the area she is peeing. Unfortunately, for me, this is not possible. My apartment is very small and I have a lot of roommates who wouldn’t want her litter box in the living area, and there’s no other place to move her food and litter in the apartment apart from my room. So, this is where we get steps 2-5.

Step 2) Purchase zero odor and spray it anywhere the cat has peed outside of her box. Even after we clean the sheets (or whatever the cat peed on), the ammonia smell still remains. We may not be able to smell it anymore, but the cat still can. And it will make them much more likely to pee in that same spot again, since it already smells like her pee. Zero odor removes that ammonia smell so there’s no trace of the cat pee left.

Step 3) Purchase a litter attractant and sprinkle it in the litter box. This will draw the cat to the litter box even more and encourage them to the litter box instead of going somewhere else.

Step 4) Keep the litter box super clean. Scoop it 1-2 times a day, and be sure to change the litter completely at least once a week.

Step 5) Place a small bowl of food where the cat is peeing outside of the litter box. In my case, I’m leaving a small bowl of food and treats on the bed, so that she will view the bed as a place to sleep and eat, not pee. Cats won’t pee where they eat.

Never scold a cat for peeing outside of the litter box unless you catch them in the act. If they do it while you’re at work and you come home to find the mess, then scold them, they will be confused and might start to fear you and act out more. Also, reward your cat when you see them using the litter box. Give them lots of praise and a treat.

Hopefully, all of these steps will be effective for Emrys! I have no idea why she’s started peeing on the bed, as she’s never done it before, but fingers crossed these steps help… I’m not sure what I’d do to stop the behavior if these things don’t work… Wish me luck!

The Adventures of Emrys: Diva Super Model

It’s official… my cat is a diva super model. It’s been tried and tested and proven to be true!

As you probably already know, my roommate (and friend) is an amazing photographer, and she asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot with Emrys last weekend. Of course, I said YES!

Well, it started off smoothly enough. She got some amazing solo shots of Emrys- Em rolling around, Em cuddled up with a blanket, Em playing with a mouse toy. And then we brought me in.

I pulled up the stool, got situated, picked Emrys up… and apparently stole her spot-light. She was not having it. She did NOT want to take pictures with me. She climbed all over me and kept squirming to be put down and was pulling faces at the camera and running away. And, of course, the second she was left on her own again, she was posing up a storm for the camera. So, apparently, Em just does not want to share the spotlight with anyone.

            (Photo by:

My roommate got some more great pictures of Em playing with a ball of yarn (the stereotypical kitten pic that I am totally going to frame), and I’m so excited to get my hands on all of the finished products so I can show you guys and get them framed and decorate my room with them like the true cat lady that I am!

But in all honesty, Em did great for her photo shoot, and I think there will be a few good shots of the two of us together, even though she hated every second of me sharing the spot light with her 😉

I’m so lucky to have a friend who is so amazing and passionate at what she does, and who was happy to do this photo shoot with me and Emrys. i can’t wait to show you guys more pictures!

And, in true diva form, Emrys had a little temper tantrum earlier this week. I’m not sure what she got worked up over,but something made her anxious or upset or something, because she decided to pee in my bed. And then, the same night, she did NOT want to go to sleep. She was walking around my room crying and playing with whatever she could get her paws on, and jumping all over the bed (and myself) while I was trying to sleep… so I had to kick her out, which I hate. I love having her on the same sleeping pattern as me, and I especially love having her in the bed to cuddle with at night, so any night she’s not with me, I just hate it. She actually peed in my bed again last night, so we’re headed to the vet tonight, just to make sure everything’s ok. It’s not like her to do that, so I’m thinking maybe she’s trying to tell me something. Fingers crossed all goes well!

The Adventures of Emrys

What a mischievous little kitty cat I have!

Curiosity killed the cat has never been a more relevant phrase. Because my little girl loves to get into EVERYTHING!

As a lot of you know, I have new roommates now, and they get so tickled over Emrys, because she’s always poking her nose into everything. She scared one of my roommates the other day by sneaking up behind her while she was sitting at her vanity doing her makeup. Em popped her head up behind my roommate so that she suddenly appeared in the mirror, as if she was in a horror movie or something, and scared my roommate half to death. And then she went to my other roommate’s room and pushed on the door until it finally shoved open, so she could go exploring. The little trouble-maker!

Em has also been spending a lot of her time in the bathrooms… We have a new bathmat in the bathroom, too, and she’s obsessed with it. I always find her napping or rolled up in it. And she’s been fascinated with the bath tub lately, too. When I take bubble baths, I always bring Em into the bathroom with me, or else she’ll sit outside the door and cry until I let her in. So she usually curls up on my clothes and naps while I take my bath. But now she’s fascinated with the tub and keeps getting in it and playing with the shampoo bottles and such.

I have to kick Em out of my room when I’m getting ready in the morning, too, as she likes to play with my hair clips and mascara and any other make-up and beauty products she can get her paws on (today it was my concealer and foundation…) She’s also started jumping around on my bookshelves, too. That’s a habit I’d really like to rid her of, but I doubt I’ll be successful. -sigh-

She’s been so sweet and cuddly at bedtime lately, though. And she snuggles a lot in the mornings when I wake up. I’ve been late to work more than I should lately because of this sweet girl. It’s hard to get up in the morning when you wake up to a sweet, cuddly kitty who’s giving you kisses! And I’m always eager to get home, because she’s always so happy to see me!!

(Photo by:

I ran into PetSmart the other day to pick up some food and litter for her, and they already had their Halloween stuff out! I got too excited and went ahead and bought a few toys for her (but she won’t get them until October. I’ve stored them away safe and sound in my closet, and she hasn’t found them yet). I wasn’t super excited about their kitty costumes this year, so I made my way over to the dog section and found a cute Halloween dress for her! I didn’t buy it yet, but I’m 99% sure that’s what she’ll be wearing this year for Halloween. Don’t you worry, folks. There will be pictures!

Mostly, Emrys has just been up to her usual antics, playing hard and getting into everything and being sweet and adorable and perfect 🙂