Shadowhunters: Raising Hell Review

There’s a reason this review is a bit late! And that’s because I wasn’t sure I was going to write a review at all. But, I decided I would just go for it and put my thoughts to paper… er, blog.

First and foremost, my prayers have been answered. Last week, my biggest criticism for the show was that it sometimes took itself too seriously. And then Harry Shum Jr swept in and saved the day. He is perfection as Magnus Bane. Just, seriously, he’s Magnus Bane through and through and I’m so pleased. He provided much-needed comic relief, and the other actors fed off of him and made me laugh out loud this week. Every time Magnus flirted with Alec and Jace looked on with confusion… they just played that perfectly and it was hilarious.

On a more serious note, I loved seeing Alec forced to confront his inner demons (hehe… see what I did there?). If you’ve seen the preview on Freeform’s YouTube page for next week, you’ll see that Jace brushes off being Alec’s most-loved as them being parabatai and brothers. And, of course, Alec will be relieved that Jace is letting it go, but the biggest issue is that Alec was forced to physically look at who he really is- no more lying or hiding it from himself. And that terrified him. I think this is the first crack in his perfectly constructed life and we’re going to start seeing some changes in him (with some help from Magnus). I’m also eager to see how Jace reacts when he can’t brush off the truth anymore, either.

Meanwhile… with Simon… what the hell is going on?! I need more info and storyline ASAP.

I feel like we’re really getting into the action now and the pacing is picking up. The show is picking up speed and getting more and more exciting every week! I also love that they’re changing things up from the book, which means that I don’t truly know what’s going to happen (or if or when)- it keeps things exciting and interesting. I’m extremely eager for the next episode and to see what happens next!



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