Recovery Road

I’m a big fan of ABC Family (now Freeform). They’ve had great shows and content for as long as I can remember. They’re not afraid to go there. And in their latest show that’s pushing boundaries, Recovery Road, they are definitely going there. And I love it!

In case you haven’t heard of the show or seen the trailers or read about it, you can watch the first three episode at or on the ABC Family app right now for free!

I was excited to check out this show because I’m a huge fan of UK Skins, and Jessica Sula and Sebastian de Souza are following in Katie Prescott’s footsteps by coming over to the US to show us how drama is really done! I loved Jessica Sula as Grace in the last generation of Skins, so I knew I was going to at least check out the first episode of Recovery Road to see what it’s all about. I ended up watching all three episodes in one sitting… and I want more!

Recovery Road tackles the tough issue of addiction and alcoholism, but without adding in unnecessary crazy drama. It’s not over-the-top or super dramatic. It feels real. They’re tackling a real issue in a real way. And it’s so heartwarming and heartbreaking and keeps you wanting to come back for more.

I’m dying over here waiting until the show officially airs on January 25th, and I’ll have to wait a few more weeks after that to get some new episodes since I’ve already watched the first 3. But I highly encourage everyone to check out this show! It’s the kind of show that could change and save lives.

And in other Freeform news, Pretty Little Liars (5 years forward) and Shadowhunters are premiering tomorrow night! I attended both PLL and Shadowhunters panels at NY Comic Con in October and I can tell you with complete assurance that these are two shows you won’t want to miss (Shadowhunters in particular). I saw the first 5 minutes of both PLL and Shadowhunters and my god, they’re good. Don’t forget to tune in!


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