Lush Faves and Regrets: Part 3 (The Christmas Edition)!

Basically, the Christmas line is flawless. It’s too late to get these this year, but add them to your wishlist for next Christmas!

Christingle Body Conditioner– Lush is all about keeping us moisturized this winter! And I’m all about that, too. Which is why this is easily my absolute, number 1 fave of this post. I had never heard of body conditioner before this product, but all you do is rub this onto your skin after you wash in the shower, then rinse it off with hot water, and pat yourself dry. It smells of peppermint and is bright blue and basically feels/smells like you’re rubbing spearmint toothpaste onto your body. But my GOD does it moisturize. I’m obsessed with how healthy my skin is after using this product, and once you get out of the shower and start patting dry, that’s when the “tingle” starts to come out to play. I love this product and it’s a must-have for pampering yourself this winter.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb– I’m not exaggerating when I say Lush is all about moisturizing this winter. I’ve seen this bath bomb compared to ButterBall and ButterBear bath bombs, but since I’ve never used those two (I’m not fond of the scent), I’ll have to trust those reviews. There’s nothing super special about this bath bomb- it fizzles normally, turns the water neon yellow/green, and the smell is pretty faint (but very Christmas-y, so yay!). It’s once you get out of the bath that you realize how spectacular this product is. There’s a little bath melt in the middle of this ballistic, and I could feel the cocoa butters soaking into my skin as I soaked in the water. And my skin felt so incredible when I got out of the bath. I’ll be going back for this one again and again this winter.

Cranberry Face Mask– I know already that I’m going to come back for this mask once winter hits. This mask is meant to repair dry and damaged skin, which I’m actually not having a problem with right now, so I didn’t get to experience the full effect. But, last year, I seriously struggled with cracked skin on my face once it got really cold and dry, so this is going to be perfect for avoiding that this year! This is definitely a must-have during the colder months! And a huge plus to this face mask is that it smells SOOOOOOO nice! So while I didn’t really need it right this minute, I definitely recommend it to those struggling with dry skin, and I’ll be coming back for this mask in a few months.

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb– I love this! It kind of reminded me of a mix between Sex Bomb and Twilight, which are two of my favorites, so what’s not to love? It was so pretty as it dissolved, and it smelled exactly like Twilight, and turned the water bright pink. It was just a fun little treat, since it’s limited edition. There’s nothing Christmas-y or Winter-y about it, but it’s definitely special. I’ll probably buy a few more before the holidays are over.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb– This is my new holiday favorite. I’ll definitely be getting this every Christmas. It turns the water a gorgeous turquoise and has stars in the center of the bomb and it smelled lovely and the water was gorgeous and I just really loved it. Plus, it’s so cute to put on display before you use it!

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar– This one smells amazing! And it turned the water a festive red. I loved how this one smelled of strawberries. It made plenty of bubbles, too. It was a different scent from what I normally go for, but I really loved it. And, again, it’s super cute to put on display before you use it.

Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub– Obsessed with this. It basically smells like you’re bathing in candy canes. Like all of Lush’s solid body scrubs, it doesn’t go a super long way.  But it still lasted me the month, so I can’t complain. It definitely exfoliated and made my skin super soft and silky and moisturized. I’m a big fan and am going to buy another one before the season ends. I love this. It’s perfect when paired with Christingle, as well.

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb– This was so lovely and sparkly. It was kind of like an Intergalactic wannabe as far as how it looks and dissolved in the water, but instead of a peppermint smell, it smelled fruity, like oranges. I enjoyed it! I thought it looked gorgeous in the water and it was a nice little treat for the holidays.

Father Christmas Bath Bomb – Who doesn’t want bright green water? Although, that’s pretty much all this guy has to offer. But man did he look cute and festive on my bathroom shelf throughout December. Also, I’m not crazy about the Snow Fairy scent, so I did appreciate that this was a much, much more flushed out scent, which made it a lot more bearable. This guy was cute- he could have been better, but I enjoyed it!

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar– It smells great, it looks great, it can be used again and again, it has glitter…. there’s literally nothing wrong with this bubble bar. I didn’t use much of it for my bath, so my bath water wasn’t too bright or colorful. But I imagine if I swirled it around more, my bath water would have turned much more golden. I loved this.

Golden Handshake– I very rarely say that a Lush product is awful. If it’s in my regrets, that usually just means it wasn’t for me. But this product is actually awful. It didn’t dissolve, it made a mess, it clogged up my sink when I tried to get rid of it…. I stirred and stirred and stirred and added more and more boiling water, but it just would not melt. Thank goodness this was a cheap buy, or else I would have been pretty upset. Save your money, though, or go for their great lotions instead.

So White Bath Bomb– This smells delightful. I will give it that. Apart from that, though, this one was just kind of bleh. It won’t be my go-to Christmas bath bomb. I would love it to come back as a shower gel, though… the scent of apples is what makes this one such a hit. But I’ll pass on getting it in bath bomb form again.

Dashing Santa Bath Bomb– This one was honestly an epic fail. It smelled pretty good, but when I put it in the tub, it sunk to the bottom. The dissolve was so anti-climatic, especially since I was expecting it to dash about the tub. The water was an orange-red, but not as bright as the Peeping Santa (which smelled and looked better). I was disappointed with this one. Won’t be buying again.


I’ve still got a couple more products from the Christmas line to try- there are just too many and not enough time! I’ll be sure to include my thoughts on the following products in my next Lush review!

-Cinders Bath Bomb
-Five Golden Rings Bubble Bar

And be sure to check out my last Lush review, as well. I talked about a few of their Christmas products in that one!


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