This is the new year!

2015 was a good year to me!

I found stability and happiness in NYC, at long last. I welcomed 3 wonderful, new roommates into my life. I made friendships that are true and loyal and fun and will last for many years to come. My baby kitty turned 1 and we celebrated our one year anniversary together. I made two trips home to Florida and my mom made it up to NYC for Thanksgiving. I completed one full, successful year at my job. I went to Governor’s Ball and Comic Con- both solo, but both were amazing and will leave me with memories that will last me a lifetime. I found people who want to go to Governor’s Ball and Comic Con with me this year so I won’t have to go solo. I weeded out the negative people and influences in my life and learned to let go and have a little fun sometimes!

2015 is going to be a hard year to top. But it’s the new year now! 2016! And since it’s a new year, and it’s been almost a full year since I started this blog (another huge, awesome thing that happened in 2015), I thought it was about time for a makeover.

I’ve been slacking on the blog lately. When I started this blog, I set the bar high and decided that I would write one blog post a day, on a certain topic for each day of the week.

This year, 2016, I want to focus on writing my own original fiction again. I have a really fun idea for a book and I want my writing and inspiration to go toward that. So, I have new goals and new ideas for my blog for 2016.

I am still a dichotomy of ideas, thoughts, influences, and interests, and I want that to be reflected on here. I like beauty products and politics. I like books and binge-watching netflix. I like people and hate people. I’m an introvert who loves to talk. I’m a mix of everything that makes me me, and I’m so happy I have a little space in the corner of the internet that allows me to share that with you guys- people who may relate, or who may just be interested in what I have to say. Regardless of why you’re here, thank you guys for being here and for reading what I have to say and for inspiring me in your own way every day! I want to continue this blog through 2016, and I want it to continue to grow and evolve.

So, here’s what I’m thinking for my new blog layout. I’ll be posting three times a week now (more if I have more I want/need to say), and the topics will vary week to week. I’ll still write posts that fit into my categories up at the top of the blog, but I’ll also write random posts that don’t fit into any category at all and are just ramblings about my every day life.

Here’s my new schedule:

Monday- GAME OF THRONES REVIEW (this will obviously start when GoT starts back up, and continue until the season ends. Then I’ll get creative again). In the meantime, I’ll give a shout-out every week to a different TV show or movie or book that I like and give you guys a little review on it.

Wednesday- Surprises!

Friday- My Week in NYC

Wednesdays’ posts will vary and include blog posts like Artist of the Week, Emrys updates, book reviews, a TV show I watched and liked, political thoughts, advice, etc. I feel like by allowing myself a looser schedule, I’ll be able to write whatever is on my mind and be more creative with what I’m putting out there. I’ll also write about something that I’m really inspired by instead of sticking to a strict schedule that I laid out for myself. I may still post more than 3 times a week. If I have a lot to say that week, then you’ll see more posts from me! But I think writing 3 posts a week instead of 7 will just be more manageable for me, and will lead to better content for you guys. I’ll also still end each month with a video about my month and my Monthly Favorites for you guys.

I’m excited about my blog going into the new year, and I hope you guys are too! Happy New Year, and may your 2016 be all you could wish for and more!



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