The Lush Tag

•How did you get into Lush?

I actually started getting into Lush relatively recently. I started getting into youtube, and a lot of the beauty vloggers I watch are obsessed with it, so that’s how I first heard of it. And after seeing videos of the bath bombs in action, I knew I needed to look into it more. So I googled the company and found out that there’s a shop a few blocks from my office in NYC. So I popped in one day during lunch, and I never looked back.

•How often do you shop at Lush?

About once a week. It’s right down the street, so I never have to get a big haul when I go, since I can pop in any time I want. So I go about once a week to pick up one or two things (usually a bath product for my weekend, and a face mask to get me through the week).

•What’s your all time favorite product?

Ummmmmmmmmmm wow. That’s hard. Probably the Intergalactic Bath Bomb. It’s pretty amazing. But I feel like this changes on a weekly basis. But their bath bombs and bubble bars will always be my favorite things about Lush.

•What’s your favorite soap?

Sandstone. I’m obsessed with the scent, I love the texture the sand creates, it reminds me of the beach (therefore, home), and I love how exfoliating and cleansing it is. It’s just a great soap.

•What are your favorite bath bombs?

That’s a hard one! Ummmm…. Sex Bomb. Obviously. It’s just your cult-classic that everyone has to try. Twilight is a pretty great classic, as well. As far as their new bath bombs, I love Intergalactic. I still have to try a lot of their newer bath bombs, and I have a feeling that I’ll love a lot of those. But those 3 are my favorites as of this minute.

•What’s your favorite bubble bar?

Sunnyside. Hands down. Gorgeous scent. So much glitter. Golden swirls. Loads of bubbles. It’s perfect.

•What’s your favorite shower gel/jelly?

Honestly, I’m not really crazy about their shower gels/jellies. I’ve tried a few now and I much prefer their bath products. But I will say Santa’s Belly Jelly (which is new this holiday season) looks and smells incredible. And I think Beautiful Shower Gel and Refresher Shower Jelly smell amazing.

•What’s your favorite skincare and hair care products?

I really love their Tender is the Night massage bar. It moisturizes my skin so beautifully and smells wonderful. I usually put it on before bed or before a night out- it leaves my skin so fresh in the morning, and it makes me smell so good during a long night out. And Cosmetic Warrior is basically magic.

•What product were you devastated Lush discontinued?

Since I’m still a relatively new Lushie, I haven’t had to experience any of my favorites being discontinued yet. I know it’s only a matter of time. But I am bummed Phoenix Rising and Granny Takes a Dip were discontinued before I got to try them. And So White Shower Gel.

•Your go to product in the morning?

Cup ‘O Coffee Face Mask. This is the ultimate treat for a weekend lie-in.

•A product you regret buying?

Sakura bath bomb. And Dragon’s Egg bath bomb. Both were super underwhelming and disappointing.

•Invent your own Lush product.

A bath bomb the color of Big Blue combined with Sunnyside (the mermaid cocktail) with the amount of glitter as Intergalactic and the scent of Karma.

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