The Adventures of Emrys

You guys are so overdue for a post on little Miss Em!

Emrys was absolutely adorable on Halloween this year. She dressed as her namesake, once again.

photo 1 (3)

I think I’ll continue to do that every year- I think it’s a cool concept, to dress as the same thing every year for Halloween, but do a different costume for it each time. So every year she’ll most likely be dressed as Merlin, but I’ll get her a different witch’s costume each year for her to wear. Because she just looks so stinkin cute in her costumes!

This past weekend, my roommates and I remodeled the living room. We threw out some of our old furniture, finally got a couch, and re-arranged and re-decorated the house. And Em is OBSESSED with the new couch. It’s pretty cute because the couch is grey, so she blends right in with it.

photo 4 (2)            photo 3 (2)

She’s napped on the couch pretty much nonstop since we got it, so I’m glad she approves of her new throne. She also loves getting underneath the couch then jumping out and scaring us as we walk by… go figure. So she’s loving the new living room arrangement and has been hanging out in there since we did that over the weekend.

Em got an early Christmas present this week. She asked her grandma for a new scratching post, since hers has seen better days. She’s absolutely adorable when she opens presents, because she literally opens her own presents. If I wrap something up for her, she tears into the wrapping paper and pulls her new toy out and starts playing with it. She’s like a kid on Christmas morning. It’s so cute. And she is so happy with her new scratching post. It’s bigger and taller than her old one, and has a little perch at the top that she can just barely stand on- she’s not meant to do that, but she’s a cat, so she’ll do what she wants. I’m so pleased that she loves her present (and grandma is pleased, too)!

Emrys also took a bubble bath with me this week- not even kidding. I got a new bath bomb from Lush that was packed full of glitter, and Em always hangs out in the bathroom with me when I take a bath, because if I disappear for a while and she knows I’m home, she gets upset that I’m ignoring her and sits outside the bathroom door and cries. So she was in the bathroom with me, like she normally does. But the water was so glittery that she was mesmerized. She jumped up on the edge of the tub and kept dipping her toes in the water, swirling the glitter around. It was hilarious and so, so cute!

She’s just been precious all month long. She’s laying next to me, sound asleep as I type this post for you guys. She’s a happy little kitty 🙂


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