Saturday Songs!


I had a whole line-up of songs to rec to you guys today, but I’m scratching that and instead, I’m giving you my favorite new songs that dropped yesterday. And there were A LOT. Get excited!

Hailee Steinfeld // Hell Nos and Headphones

Troye Sivan // YOUTH

A Great Big World // End of the World

A Great Big World // Oasis

A Great Big World // Kaleidoscope

A Great Big World // Come On

A Great Big World // Won’t Stop Running

A Great Big World // Where Does the Time Go

One Direction // Perfect

One Direction // Infinity

One Direction // End of the Day

One Direction // If I Could Fly

One Direction // Never Enough

One Direction // History

One Direction // Temporary Fix

One Direction // Walking in the Wind

One Direction // Wolves

Sorry for the lack of links in some of those 1D songs; they’re just too new! Go check them out on Spotify, though!


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