Lush Faves and Regrets: Part 2! (Featuring the entire Halloween range)

Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask– This mask is great! I absolutely love it! First of all, the smell… the smell is amazing. It’s made with coffee grinds, so obviously it smells like coffee. And the smell lingers once you wash the mask off, so it leaves my face smelling faintly of coffee for the rest of the day. Second, the consistency of the mask- it goes on so well and feels so refreshing and cool when it’s on my face. I’ve been leaving it on longer than 10 minutes because I just love how it feels on my skin. Lastly, it makes my skin look AMAZING! My skin is so soft after this mask and looks so bright and rejuvenated. It’s the perfect way to start the day. I love this mask for weekend mornings when I’m laying around watching Netflix, or when I get an early start to the day during the work week. This mask is also a great scrub when you’re washing it off- it exfoliates your skin beautifully. And it’s self-sustaining, so you don’t have to refrigerate it and it lasts much longer than other Lush masks. This is a must-have. I’ll be buying the big pot from now on.

Sex Bomb Bath Bomb– This one is now tied with Twilight as my favorite, go-to bath bomb. I see now why Sex Bomb and Twilight are best-sellers. I felt a bit silly buying Sex Bomb, as this was a solo bath and not meant to be a romantic evening, etc. etc. But I decided that I wanted a pink bath, so I just bought it anyway. You guys… this bath bomb was so amazing. I stayed in the bath until I was wrinkly and prune-y, and even then I was so hesitant to leave the bath. First of all, the smell is AMAZING. I love floral scents, and this ballistic smells of roses and flowers and it’s such a lovely feminine scent and it lingered on my skin for the rest of the evening and even overnight! It also has such a dramatic fizz as it dissolves, so even though it dissolves quickly, it was exciting! And it turned my bath water such a vibrant purple/pink. I was in love! I turned up my girl-power playlist, soaked in the water, and let my troubles float away. FAVE!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar– This is very similar to another favorite of mine; Sunnyside Bubble Bar (which has just been re-formulated and re-designed and it’s so much bigger YAY)! Which means that I LOVE this product. It is wonderful as decoration before you use it, as it’s shaped like a pumpkin, complete with a cinnamon stick stem. And it’s SO glittery, which makes your bath sparkle and glitter, which I love. It smells delicious! It’s very citrusy and sweet. And it turned my bath water orange, like a pumpkin, so it’s super festive! I only used half of the bubble bar and it still made SO many bubbles! This is definitely a seasonal fave.

Don’t Look At Me Face Mask– This is a new all-time favorite. It smells amazing; citrus and lemon. It left my skin super hydrated and soft and silky smooth. My skin looked bright and even. It went on so smoothly and rinsed off as a scrub, so it exfoliated my skin. My skin has never felt better. Just… yeah, I can’t say enough good things about this face mask. 5 stars!

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb– This is the most amazing seasonal bath product ever invented! I am so obsessed with it. I am going to buy this product over and over again every Halloween until I die, I swear. It smells AMAZING, and left my skin smelling great for hours after the bath, as well. It’s this fun, green, slime color as it dissolves, and then this pink-ish color is in the center. And once the two colors combine, your bath water turns into this deep, burgundy, blood-red color (think red wine) that is just perfect for Halloween. I am obsessed with the color it turns your bath water and it is honestly just so perfect for Halloween and really got me in a festive mood. I stayed in this bath for over an hour, not even kidding. I will buy this bath bomb again and again and again…

Intergalactic Bath Bomb– This was the very first Lush product I ever saw talked about, and it’s the product that first caught my eye and made me interested in Lush. So I was very disappointed when I realized that it was only available in the UK. But it’s finally in the US, and oh my god was it worth the wait! THERE WAS SO MUCH GLITTER. You guys, it was the most beautiful, fun, amazing bath in the entire world. The water turned a deep blue and the glitter swirled around in it so beautifully. It also left my skin super moisturized and soft, and left me feeling extremely relaxed during and after the bath. The only downside for me was that it smells very strongly of peppermint, which is a scent that burns my eyes and leaves me with a slight head-ache sometimes, so I do wish the scent was a bit more mild. But the aftershave scent that was left on my skin after the bath was wonderful. This is one of my new all-time faves and I will definitely be buying it again.

Karma Bubble Bar– New and improved! I was so excited about the redesign of this bubble bar! The last one was orange and more than a little lacking. This new bubble bar is much more exciting! There still weren’t very many bubbles, and they had pretty much entirely dissolved within 5-10 minutes. But the water is now dark purple with a few silver sparkles, which makes this much more fun than the previous product! But, the most important thing about this bubble bar is still the incredible scent. So while it’s still not their best bath product, I’ll keep coming back for the amazing scent that sticks with you long after the bath is done.

Nightwing Shower Jelly– This product is such a cute idea, but unfortunately it’s going under regrets. It smells so sweet and delicious in the container, and when it lathers, it turns purple, which is so much fun! And I love that it’s shaped like a bat- it makes it so festive! However, it makes my skin feel dry after the shower and it doesn’t really feel cleansing. The amazing scent doesn’t stick to my skin at all, so I don’t smell great when I get out of the shower. And while the shape is cute, it’s too big and slippery to handle in the shower, so I’m constantly grappling to hold on to it. It keeps slipping out of my hands and crumbles into pieces as I’m washing. So, to summarize, I can barely hold on to it, it doesn’t clean well, and the scent doesn’t stick.

Lord of Misrule Shower Gel– I agonized over whether to put this one in my faves or regrets… first of all, this product is great and fun-looking and smells amazing. BUT- it is way too expensive. That’s why it ended up being filed under regrets. I bought a tiny little bottle (3 fl oz) for $10. In comparison, I buy my regular shower gel from Bath and Body works at 10 fl oz for $12.50 (although I usually wait and buy them in bulk during their sales, and get them even cheaper than that). So is this something that I would buy regularly, or purchase again? No. Is this something I would recommend treating yourself to once a year, just to be festive? Sure. So while I won’t be going back again for more of their shower gels, and I most likely won’t be purchasing this again next year, it was still a nice, one-time treat.

Stardust Bath Bomb– I was given this product as a reward for a contest, but this is still an honest review. This new holiday bath bomb was cute. It fizzled out in just under a minute, and released tee-tiny little stars that quickly fizzled away with the rest of the ballistic (seriously, I almost missed them). It turned the water a milky blue and it shimmered with silver glitter. The bath itself wasn’t very exciting. This one is great if you want a very simple bath with just a touch of fun. I honestly prefer the more colorful and glittery baths, but I might go back and get this one again if I’m in the mood for a simple, relaxing evening without a lot of flare. The best part of this bath bomb was actually after I got out of the bath- my skin was covered in a shimmery sheen of glitter, making my skin look healthy and glowing. This one is just barely in my regrets. It was a close call. It’s only here because I would go for other products before I would get this one again.

Old Father Time Soap– Again, this product was given to me as a reward for a contest. And I really enjoyed using it- but is it something I would have picked out if I had popped into the store to go shopping? Probably not. I prefer floral, clean, and citrus scents. This one smells of sage and thyme, which is still a lovely scent (seriously, it smells great, if not a bit different than most soaps), but not what I normally lean toward. I liked the design on the soap, but it didn’t really make me think of Christmas, and since it’s a holiday soap, that was a bit disappointing. So yeah, it’s nice and I was happy to have it for free, and it’s still sitting next to my sink for daily use, but it’s not something I’ll be buying on my own.

Bar Humbug Bubble Bar– This bubble bar was cute! I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy the scent, and probably a lot of you won’t, but I actually did end up liking it. It smelled of licorice, with a hint of fruit. And it turned the water a pretty pink/purple color- think Pepto Bismol. And it had just the faintest hint of glitter (not nearly enough). I received this bubble bar as part of a prize package, so considering it was free, I can’t complain. Is this something I would go back and buy? Considering how amazing and exciting many of the other Christmas products are, probably not. But I still enjoyed it!


2 thoughts on “Lush Faves and Regrets: Part 2! (Featuring the entire Halloween range)

    • You definitely need to! It’s just wonderful- there’s no other way to describe it. And I popped into Lush yesterday and bought the Cranberry face mask, which I’ve heard is somewhat similar to Don’t Look At Me. The girl who sold it to me said the texture is different, and it has fennel seed, which adds a little extra brightening to your skin. But, apart from that, they’re pretty similar. So if you like Don’t Look At Me and are feeling a bit festive, try out Cranberry too! (I’m sure I’ll do a Part 3 Faves and Regrets, so I’ll write my thoughts on it there once I use it).

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