October Favorites

Don’t Look At Me Face Mask– Fave! I know I say this a lot, but Lush has really outdone themselves with this one. It is so smooth and creamy when you put it on, and it feels so lovely while it sits on the skin, and smells like lemons, and it’s bright blue! When you rinse it off, it can work as a scrub, so it also exfoliates. It cleanses and keeps my face from breaking out. And it moisturizes like WHOA. Basically, it’s everything you could ever need in a face mask. This is my new go-to and might even replace Cosmetic Warrior…

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara– I’ve been using this for months! How have I not mentioned it yet? I was rec’d this product by a few beauty vloggers that I enjoy watching. So I went to CVS and decided to give it a go. First of all, it’s cheap. That’s always a plus in my book. Second of all, it doesn’t clump. Third of all, it’s easy to apply and lasts all day. It really makes my eyes pop and it just goes on so beautifully. I love this product and will definitely buy it again and again.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara– Not going to lie; the only reason I bought this particular brand is because it’s the only bottom lash mascara for sale at Sephora. But, it’s only $10, which is crazy by Sephora standards, and it gets the job done! It’s the perfect sized brush for getting the bottom lashes without creating a mess. And it doesn’t clump. It’s perfect for defining those bottom lashes and giving your eyes a little extra pop. This product makes mascara so much easier!

Tanya Burr Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette– This has become my daily eyeshadow for Fall, and that will likely extend into Winter. I’m already running low on Moonlight. I bought my palette from FeelUnique, but it’s currently completely sold out (that is completely indicative of the quality of the product), so I’ve linked you guys to Superdrug, although it doesn’t ship internationally. These colors blend so beautifully together, and just look gorgeous on the eyes. They go on creamy and are so pigmented. It just looks amazing, and you can make a day or night look with this palette, which is an extra bonus. For the cost, the quality really can’t be beat.

Mary Kay Vanilla Mint Lip Balm– Apparently, this product is no longer available, as it’s a holiday product. And I have no idea if it will be back for the holidays this year. I found this lip balm as I was cleaning out my old make-up bag. It was still in the box, never been opened. I don’t even know when or where I got it. But I was in desperate need of a lip balm, as the seasons are changing and my lips are apparently chapping early this year (-sigh-). This lip balm smells amazing. And it works! So I’ve been using it every morning and every night. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this product (except that apparently I can’t buy more for the unforeseeable future…).


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