The Adventures of Emrys – Lush Super Model!

It’s official! EMRYS IS FAMOUS!

For those of you who follow this blog, or know me in real life, you know about my obsession with Lush Cosmetics. Well, Lush is having a contest this month! It’s called #Lushoween! They choose 5 winners each month- the winners are people who have taken a picture of their Lushoween! It can be anything- a bubble bath, your favorite product, make-up, your Halloween costume…

I entered the first week with this picture…


And I won!

My roommate, Julie, took all the pictures, while I did “set design” and “lighting” (aka, I put out all the products and swirled my phone flashlight around and smiled pretty for the camera). I couldn’t believe we won the first round! You see, we took just under 300 pictures, and picked out 8 to submit. The plan was for each of us to submit one of our pictures every week until we won.

So, this past week, Julie submitted two more of her pictures, to see if she could win, as well. And the picture that won is….

photo 1 (9)

My little girl is a model! And now the whole world knows it! (And yes, that is her Halloween costume this year. She’s going as her namesake again)!

I’m a bit worried all the fame is going to her head, though. She seems quite smug about her new-found fame…

photo 2 (9)

I bought a Halloween toy for her the other day and had it hidden in my closet, still in the packaging, to give to her the week of Halloween. Well, she went snooping in my closet, found the toy, tore into the packaging, and got the toy out and started playing with it. She’s worse than a kid snooping through closets before Christmas!

It’s so easy to forgive her though, because she’s the cutest little kitten in the world. She has been super snugly with the colder weather arriving. It’s these sleepy mornings and nap times that make all the mischief worth it (although she’s pretty darn cute when she’s being mischievous, too).

photo 4 (4)   photo 3 (6)


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