New York Comic Con!

How amazing was New York Comic Con this year?!

Probably one of the best things about Comic Con is that it’s a little mini escape from reality. For four days you enter into the worlds of your favorite tv shows, movies, books, comics, podcasts… nothing else exists. You just live in the middle of your passions and loves and everyone is there to have a good time and experience this fantasy world and meet their idols and it’s just so much fun being surrounded by people who are so excited about the same things as you. I saw so many fan discussions and friendships being formed and debates and theories and conversations over the weekend and it was a seriously magical thing to behold.

Everyone who goes to Comic Con is there for a different experience- some want the hottest collector’s items up in the exhibitor hall. Some want to meet their favorite artist in Artist Alley. Some want to get an autograph or picture with their idols. I go to New York Comic Con for the panels. So I spent my whole weekend sitting in various rooms and stages.

Ok, so I have so much to tell you guys about this weekend. I have some behind the scenes info of your favorite TV shows, a few spoilers, and insight on what Comic Con is really like. To give this some semblance of organization, I’m gonna go through my weekend day by day.

Comic Book Men– So, I’m not going to lie. The only reason I saw this panel, and the two after, was that I was camping out at the Empire Stage in order to have a good seat for Game of Thrones. I had never heard of this show before, although it’s in it’s 5th season. But I had heard of Kevin Smith. And from the trailer they showed us for the upcoming season, this looks like a really fun show! The concept is, these 4 guys own a comic book store in Jersey, and every week a different iconic comic person/actor/writer comes to the store! I think there are some challenges and games and pawn shop things happening, as well… don’t quote me on that. But it was cool learning about this new show! And Kevin Smith is hilarious- he re-enacted an entire scene from Daredevil, which actually sold me on the show, and was the highlight of this panel. I hope someone recorded that, because you guys all need to watch it. Also, Mall Rats 2 is happening.

Star Wars Rebels– Again, this is a show that I’ve never watched. But I still freaked out because SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR was in this panel! I had no idea she would be there, and lost my mind when she walked out onto the stage. She is so incredible! I can’t even tell you what happened during the panel, mostly because I don’t know anything about the show, but also because I was just watching Sarah Michelle the whole time. I can tell you that she and Freddie are apparently huge Star Wars fans, but their daughter is an even bigger one. And that Freddie is a mentor to the guy who voices Ezra in real life, too, because he apparently knew nothing about Star Wars going into this role, so Freddie took him under his wing and educates him about Star Wars behind the scenes.


The Walking Dead with Robert Kirkman– All right, I’ve got a few exclusives for you here. I’ve watched the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, but I’ve never read the comics, but I was still able to follow along in this panel. There is going to be a “series” airing during commercial breaks of Fear the Walking Dead called Flight 462, which will introduce a lot of different characters. However, only one will survive and make it onto the show Fear the Walking Dead. We will also see zombies on water in season 2 of Fear the Walking Dead. Something I found really interesting from this panel was that Kirkman says he plans out his comics like, 2 years into the future at all times, so he always has a rough draft of what will happen in the next 60 issues or so. He also says he will never write Daryl into the comics, because he loves that each spin-off of The Walking Dead (tv show, comic, video game, etc) has an original character that keeps it unique.

Game of Thrones– I don’t have any solid spoilers from this panel, as the cast were very careful about what they said, but I do have a few little hints that they dropped! Brace yourselves, GoT fans! There is a big chance that Margaery will be faced with the same decision Cersei had to make at the end of last season. When a fan asked Natalie Dormer if she thought her character would be able to do the same walk as Cersei, Natalie replied “Oh, that’s dangerous territory. I don’t think I can answer that.” Also, the sand snakes will definitely be back! And, Natalie accidentally admitted to recently filming in Spain, which is where they filmed Dorne last season… make of that what you will.


Pretty Little Liars– I have spoilers! In 5 years time on Pretty Little Liars, Allison is a teacher in Mr. Fitz’s old classroom, Spencer is working in politics in DC, Aria is a published author (and sees a copy of Ezra’s book at her latest signing and stares longingly at his picture on the back, leaving us agonizing over whether they’re back together or not), Hanna is working in fashion in NYC (and does NOT have a kid- don’t let them trick you!), and Emily is working in a tiki hut serving pina colada’s in California (where Paige also coincidentally lives…). According to I Marlene King, there is going to be another season after this one, and you can watch the flash forward separately from the previous seasons, as it’s almost like an entirely new show, with new secrets and lies.


Once Upon a Time– I saw the newest episode of Once Upon a Time at this panel, and all I’m gonna say is that Emma and Hook shippers aren’t going to be happy… Same goes for Belle and Rumple… Also, I hate what they’ve done with King Arthur. And the writers said that Henry is in for heartbreak this season. Sorry I can’t report anything happy…

Teen Wolf– JR BOURNE IS BACK! I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the new trailer and know this already, but I was so excited when I found out! The new episodes of Teen Wolf are going to be a little less dark and go back to their roots, where it’s a mixture of darkness, drama, and comedy (thank god, because wow). According to Jeff Davis, Chris Argent isn’t the only Argent who’s coming back. When asked whether Tyler Hoechlin would ever come back, we got a vague but hopeful reply of “maybe… we’ll see… never say never, etc etc.” Teen Wolf will now be airing on Tuesdays, so instead of calling it Moonday, Tyler Posey suggested we call it “Teen Wolf Tuesday” or “Tyler Tuesday.” Speaking of Tyler Posey, he is absolutely adorable and has SO much love for his fans, and it was a joy watching him interact with everyone. He is genuinely excited about his show and his fans and he looked like he was having a lot of fun! I have one final spoiler for you… Lydia is locked up in Eichen house, and it will come down to Stiles to get her out, as the facility is surrounded with mountain ash. Stydia fans, get excited!


Shadowhunters– The TV show got it right! We were shown the first 6 minutes of episode one and just, wow. I mean, I’ve never read the books before. I saw the movie and thought it was just “eh.” But the show… and that cast… it looks like this is going to be a great adaptation, and I actually really want to read the books now. Harry Shum Jr really stood out to me in the clip I saw, as did Dominic Sherwood and Emeraude Toubia. The cast seems so close and tight-knit in real life, which made it a really fun panel to watch. This was actually probably up there as one of my favorite panels of the weekend. It’s hard for me to remember spoilers for this one, as I’m not familiar with the characters or the story… so sorry about that! But the general response from the room was that this looks like a GREAT show! There was a very excited buzz in the crowd after the episode one clip.


Shannara Chronicles– The trailer for this looks pretty epic. However, I was actually pretty bored during the panel and ended up leaving early. But TV needs a show like this, in the same realm as Game of Thrones, but for all ages. I might end up checking it out when it airs.

The X-Files– Sorry guys. I’m not telling you any spoilers for the new episode. But I will tell you that it was REALLY good! Also, it looks like they’re taking the government political conspiracy route this season. And that’s all I’ll say…


Goosebumps and The Babysitter’s Club– I loved this panel so much. This one, surprisingly, was also up there in my favorite panels of the weekend. One really fun fact that I learned was that RL Stine and Ann Martin both had one major regret with their books- RL Stine’s was the time he wrote an unhappy ending. He only ever wrote one unhappy ending, but he said he got such a strong, negative response from it that he ended up writing a sequel to give the main character a happy ending. Same goes for Ann Martin- she said she made a huge mistake when she moved Stacey back to NYC, and ended up hearing from so many upset readers that she eventually moved Stacey back to Storybrook. I really loved that about these two authors- that they listened to and catered toward their fans, which is probably part of what made their books so successful. RL Stine said the main characteristics of his books were that there had to be a mix of horror and humor, and that there couldn’t be any hugging or crying. Ann Martin said the main characteristics of her books was the theme of friendship. Another fun fact for you: RL Stine was inspired to write The Haunted Mask (my personal favorite) when his young son got a Halloween mask stuck on his head. And yet another fun fact: RL Stine doesn’t find dummies/mannequins scary, but continues to write so many Slappy the Dummy books because they’re fan favorites. He also believes that his first book in the Goosebumps series was the scariest, as he hadn’t quite found the balance between horror and humor yet.


Warner Brothers Television Takeover
Legends of Tomorrow– THIS. SHOW. IS. GOING. TO. BE. EPIC! I mean, that cast though. The cast is what is going to make this show so amazing. From the clips I saw at Comic Con, it looks like it has some really cool special effects, and stays true to the humor and action of the other WB/CW hero shows. I’m so excited about this! Arthur Darvill was great at the panel- someone asked him what he thought of the comparisons being made between Rip Hunter and The Doctor. He was so humble and funny, saying that he knew going into this project that comparisons were going to be made, and he’d be stupid to deny any comparison- they’re both British, they both travel through time on a space ship, etc. But he argued that Rip is SO different, personality wise, from the Doctor, and it was really fun to explore this character and he can’t wait for us to see the differences, too.


Supergirl– I got to watch the first episode of Supergirl at this panel and it looks so good! Melissa Benoist and Ali Adler surprised me; I was a bit worried, since they were doing this following Glee, which wasn’t exactly known for it’s great writing or phenomenal acting performances (with the exception of Darren Criss). However, I was pleasantly surprised. The plane scene was extremely epic, the characters are likable and relatable, and there looks to be a good serial arch throughout the whole first season. I’m a big fan of Mehcad Brooks in the show, too, and I already ship his character with Kara. I encourage all of you guys to tune in for Supergirl when it premieres!


Blindspot– Not gonna lie… I took my bathroom break during this panel. I can’t tell you anything about it, apart from the small amount that I saw when I got back to my seat, which is that the show looks kind of boring…

Person of Interest– Another show that I have zero interest in (and had actually never heard of before this panel). But the show had a LOT of fans there. So, for the fans, I can report that Root and Shaw have a sex scene coming up. And that it left the actors with bruises.

Gotham– The main thing I wanted to learn from the Gotham panel was WHY KILL JEROME?! I honestly believe that Cameron Monaghan as Jerome was the best thing to ever happen to that show, and he would have been an incredible Joker. As luck would have it, that was the first question of the panel. So, according to the writers… “why kill Jerome?” Because it’s dangerous doing an origins story for villains because the audience thinks they know where the story’s going to go. They think they already know what’s going to happen. So the writers killed Jerome to show the audience that there will still be surprises and that no one is safe. On a different note, here’s a casting spoiler for you: Paul Reubens has been cast as Penguin’s dad, so you have that to look forward to. And the Gotham PD have a new boss, and he’s hard-core. His first move is firing everyone on the force who is corrupted.


And that’s all the panels I saw! Of course, I also checked out the exhibitor hall and artist alley, too, because it’s so much fun and so cool and there’s so many amazing things to look at and buy (although I was good this year and only bought a $5 bookmark of a cat sitting in the Tardis). So no matter why you attend Comic Con, you should definitely just take some time to wander around Javits, because there are surprises at every turn. So while the panels were a huge part of my weekend, I also loved walking around and seeing all the people in costumes, browsing through Artist Alley, shopping in the Exhibitor Hall, and meeting some of my favorite stars!

IMG_9815 IMG_9821 IMG_9870

IMG_9866      IMG_9920

I got to meet some cast members of Teen Wolf, along with the writer, Jeff Davis. I saw Samuel Anderson, who played Danny Pink on Doctor Who. I met Tommy Pickles (and I honestly think I fan-girled the most over that one). I also waited in line for 2 hours to go to the All That reunion panel, but it was in a really small room, and it ended up filling up before I could get in. However, Kel, Lori Beth, Josh, and Danny all had to enter through the stage door, which was right next to where I was in line. So, I was fortunate enough to get to see them arrive. They had to wait in that “backstage” area for a few minutes before entering the room, so they waved and said hi to everyone. I blew Kel a kiss and he blew me one back! So at least I got to see them, even if I didn’t make it into the panel. There was also a really cool Jurassic World set-up by the exhibitor hall, and they had this guy dressed as a raptor (like, a super legit raptor), so that was really cool.

There was just so much to see and do and explore and it was honestly so much fun. I can’t wait for next year. Save the date! October 6-9, 2016! New York Comic Con seems to be getting bigger and bigger every year, so you’ll definitely want to buy a ticket!


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