Doctor Who: Under the Lake

Spoilers, Sweetie!


Adventure, mystery, aliens, ghosts, new monsters… this is why I love Doctor Who! What a fantastic episode!

The pacing was perfect, the mystery was original and fun, the humor was spot-on (the doctor with his social cue cards was the best thing ever). I love these episodic stories where they travel through time and solve a mystery and save the day! They’re my favorite of the Doctor Who episodes and we were long over-due for one.

I have to give major props to Sophie Stone, one of the supporting cast members. Utilizing a deaf actress as a main supporting character, and making her the leader of the crew… that was just revolutionary. I absolutely loved it. And I love that it was her character who was able to utilize a skill that someone else may not have (lip-reading) in order to communicate with the ghosts and discover what they were after. It was brilliant. Her deafness was not treated as a disability, but as a strength, and as a tool to help solve the mystery and save the day. Congrats to the Doctor Who team for putting together such an amazing supporting cast in order to produce a creative and forward-thinking story.

Overall, this episode was perfectly spooky and a great way to start off October! It was original, clever, tense, and suspenseful… everything a Doctor Who episode should be!

Obviously, I’m still pretty upset about the sonic sunglasses… taking away the Doctor’s screwdriver is like taking away Harry’s wand, Sherlock’s pipe, Batman’s utility belt… it just isn’t done! I understand and appreciate artistic creativity and flexibility in the writing of the show, but after 50 years of Sonic Screwdrivers, it’s probably best to let that one rest, Moffat…

Now, about that ending… I DIDN’T KNOW IT WAS GOING TO BE A TWO-PARTER! (Which, apparently every episode this season is a two-parter). STUPID CLIFFHANGERS! But I’m also so pleased it’s a two-parter, because this episode was just wonderful and I want more! How will they all escape? What kind of alien is this? What will the Doctor do to save the day (and why does he keep thinking he has to die!)? So many questions! I’m so excited for more next week!

I’m giving this episode 5 Gold Stars!!! It was much fun! Much excitement! And much adventure!


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