Saturday Songs

I didn’t have a chance to prepare a Saturday Songs for you guys this weekend! Ahhhh I’m so sorry! I have been so busy today!

BUT! A band I like did just release their first album, and I have a few songs that I really enjoy from the album. So I’ll share those with you! Secret Someones opened for A Great Big World when I saw them in concert at their album launch last year. They’re a girl-power rock band and I actually really liked them! So I’ve been following them ever since! And this week they finally released their first album- a lot of my faves are actually their singles that they released beforehand, but there are a few new faves in there, too.

Secret Someones // I Won’t Follow

Secret Someones // Quit Pulling Me Down

Secret Someones // Let You Go

Secret Someones // Heartbreaker

Secret Someones // Chase Your Shadow 

These guys are a little different from the music I normally rec, but I love me a good girl-power rock group!


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