My Week in NYC

I’m a day late!! Ahhhh!!!!

The reason for my delay this week is actually because of many fun shenanigans yesterday. Yesterday was my friend’s 25th birthday, and we celebrated with a big group of friends at the off-broadway show Drunk Shakespeare. This was my second time going, and it was just as fun as I remembered. Basically, a small cast puts on a different Shakespeare play every night… while drunk. One cast member, in particular, takes 6 shots before the show, as well. So, it’s safe to say that the play is a loose interpretation of Shakespeare. And that it’s freaking hilarious.

At the venue, there are two throne seats that can be bid on- if you win the throne seats, you get a bottle of champagne, chocolates, hand massages, have a bit of control over the actors and the direction of the play, and basically get incorporated into the show… all while sitting on a throne and wearing a crown. Last time we went, we sat on the throne. And we sat on the throne again last night! It’s the best way to do the show!!!! We seriously had so much fun. It was a super late and crazy night, but we celebrated as hard as we could and just had a blast.

photo 1 (2)   photo 3 (1)

If you live in NYC or are coming up for a visit, I highly recommend Drunk Shakespeare! You’ll have a great time!

Rewinding a bit… This week started off with a really great concert at Radio City Music Hall! I saw Daughter and Ben Howard! And only paid half the price for the tickets, which had a great view! I’ve been so spoiled this week! I have to say, though, that I’m not a huge fan of Radio City Music Hall as a venue for concerts. I’ve seen a lot of different performances at Radio City, and they’ve always been amazing. Ben Howard and Daughter were no exception, but the lighting just wasn’t very good for the show, the venue felt too big for the sound and small musical acts, and it just feels so weird to be at a sold out concert for these amazing musicians, and everyone in the crowd is sitting. I didn’t like that at all! I mean, I tend to find a bar or a table when I go to a concert, because I like enjoying my music while relaxing and having a drink- but this was different. Hundreds of people, all sitting. No dancing, no singing along, no bobbing heads…. just stillness. So I wasn’t a fan of that. But it was still a great performance and a really fun evening!

IMG_9581   IMG_9571

And finally, I may as well tell you about my day today, since I’m posting a bit late. Me and a few friends who didn’t quite make it home last night went on an adventure in the city this morning! We wandered around Times Square and midtown for a bit, before finally remembering that the Chik Fil A near my work was having it’s grand opening today. So we decided we were in dire need of milkshakes! I have the say, the Chik Fil A in Herald Square is pretty great. It’s unreal how much more expensive the menu is compared to the prices in the south, but the restaurant is gorgeously decorated and was a cool atmosphere. And the milkshakes and fries are amazing.

photo 2 (3)

I then met up with my cousin and her boyfriend, who were in town for just a few hours today, and we got brunch in Astoria. I love surprise visits like that, so it was really cool to hang out with them for a while! If you’re in the Astoria area, you should definitely check out The Sandwich Bar on Ditmars. It’s a favorite haunt of mine, and their brunch is really delicious and filling.

And that is what I got up to this week! Of course, I swung by Lush and picked up a few essentials… I’m working on a Lush Faves and Regrets Part 2 for you guys, so expect that in the next few weeks as I review more of their products. And next week is COMIC CON! One of my friends from high school is coming up for it, and we’re going to get together next week and get up to some fun shenanigans. I can’t wait! 5 DAY WEEKEND NEXT WEEK! WOOT! I can’t wait to experience New York Comic Con once again, and tell you guys all about it! Stay tuned!


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