The Adventures of Emrys

I honestly don’t have much to report on Emrys this week… which is a GOOD thing! I am so proud of Emrys because she has been so well-behaved all week! She hasn’t had a single accident and she hasn’t been getting in trouble. I’m seriously just so proud of her!

In true Emrys form, she has been SO CUDDLY every single day. It was honestly so hard to get out of bed this morning, because the second she realized I was awake, she came over and laid down on my chest and kept licking my cheek and she’s just SO CUTE.

Emrys had her costume fitting this week for Halloween! And she is looking cute! You don’t get any photos of her in costume yet, though (and trust me, there are PLENTY of photos). You’ll just have to stay tuned for that!

I also brought out the Halloween decorations over the weekend, and this little one has claimed my pumpkin blanket as her own! She’s pretty much glued to it. When she’s not by my side (because, let’s be honest… she’s a total mama’s girl), she is napping on top of this blanket.

photo 4 (3) photo 1 (8) photo 2 (8) photo 3 (5)

And since I brought out the Halloween decorations, I decided it was time to give her the Halloween toys I bought for her a few weeks back. She’s obsessed with them. When I come home from work, her toys are scattered all over the apartment. I keep all of her toys in her bed, because she doesn’t like sleeping in it (she sleeps in the bed with me, obvs), so it serves as a toy bin. And when she wants to play, she goes over and digs through it until she finds a toy that catches her eye, and she drags it out and plays with it. And all week she keeps dragging out her new Halloween toys! I’m so pleased that she loves them.

I love how independent she is and that she plays on her own while I’m at work. I was worried when Oliver moved house that she would be lonely and bored while I was at work all day, since she would be on her own. But if the state of my apartment covered in her toys is any indication, she’s doing just fine. She loves playing with me too, though. When I pull out a toy and play interactively with her, she purrs and purrs. It’s hilarious. She’ll be running laps around the house and chasing after her toys, purring all the while. I think it’s adorable that she realizes we’re playing together and that it makes her so happy.


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