Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar

Spoilers, Sweetie!


Ok, I know I was complaining the other day that Capaldi’s doctor didn’t really have anything to set him apart with the exception of his eyebrows and grumpiness. But trading in the screwdriver for sonic sunglasses?! I just… whoa. That’s a lot. That’s a lot to take in. I mean, yay for originality and giving him something to make Capaldi’s doctor have a “brand” …. but THEY GOT RID OF THE SONIC SCREWDRIVER! My heart kind of aches. I also feel like this rock and roll persona kind of came out of nowhere? I can’t recall if he had this kind of personality in the last season, so if they’re going to suddenly make it his trademark, I feel like it should have been much more prominent in the last season. I just feel like it’s too little too late. Or maybe too much too out of left field?

I will say, however, that this episode was much-needed. I love Capaldi as an actor, but there hasn’t been much to him yet that made me really view him as the Doctor. For Eccleston and Tennant and Smith, it was just natural. It just felt right. I hadn’t had that moment of rightness with Capaldi yet, and that is entirely down to the writing. This episode, though, he was finally written as The Doctor.

The Doctor wins his battles because he believes he will. The Doctor is clever and always one step ahead of us and his enemies. The Doctor has compassion and mercy, but never loses sight of what needs to be done. This episode was everything that is right and good and fun about The Doctor. And it was wonderful to watch for that reason alone.

I’m not gonna lie- the storyline with Clara trapped inside the Dalek had me freaking out. I honestly thought she would be left there for good. I mean, we’ve seen her final moment. She’s the “impossible girl.” So I truly thought this was the moment that it all began… the beginning of the end. So now I’m left wondering how that will come to be, and if this was just an instance of teasing us with a bit of foreshadowing.

And that brings us to Missy…. oh Missy… Missy is easily my favorite villain on Doctor Who thus far. She’s just delightfully evil and I love every single scene with her in it. She’s wacky and evil and delightful and vicious and malicious… I’m so happy Michelle Gomez came back for more this season, and I’m eager to see more of her yet.

I was planning on mentioning in this review how much I miss the more episodic adventures the doctor used to go on… and then I saw the preview for next week. One word: YAY! I’m so, so, so very excited to see The Doctor go off on an adventure! Who’s with me?!


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