Saturday Songs!

I have been cleaning SO MUCH today. My plan was to decorate for Halloween/Fall today, but first I had to get the house ready and sweep, mop, dust, swap out my closet, clean my shelves, clean out under the bed, mop the house, and clean the bathroom. After all of that, I took a bubble bath and decided I would start fresh tomorrow by putting out all the decorations!

So now I’m ready to just lay back and chill for the rest of the night. Which means you guys are getting the ultimate relaxation playlist today!

First up: Ryan Adams- 1989.

Ryan Adams // All You Had to Do Was Stay

Ryan Adams // Wildest Dreams

Ryan Adams // I Wish You Would

Ryan Adams // Out of the Woods

I have a few more favorites from 1989 for you guys, but I’ll save them for next week šŸ™‚

Jose Gonzalez // Down The Line

Ana Egge // Fifth of July

Ryan Adams // In The Dark

Sia // I’m in Here (Piano/Vocal version)

Kllo // Make Me Wonder

Little May // Dust

Finally, I’m seeing Ben Howard and Daughter on Monday, so of course I’m going to include someĀ songs from them!

Ben Howard // Keep Your Head Up

Ben Howard // The Fear

Ben Howard // The Wolves

Ben Howard // Rivers In Your Mouth

Daughter // StillĀ 

Daughter // ShallowsĀ 


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