My Week in NYC

After the craziness and excitement of last week, I took advantage of some peace and quiet this week and mostly relaxed at home. I’m still running off that high of going on adventures with my friends and getting up to so many fun outings!

So this week, I mostly went to work, came home, watched Netflix, then slept. Real exciting… I know.

But October is going to be an INSANE month for me. SOOOOOO many exciting things happening! So I’m taking advantage of this week of peace and quiet to prepare myself for all the fun things headed my way.

I did meet up with a friend on Wednesday for lunch, then went on a major shopping binge in Lush. You guys…. they released their Halloween line, AND introduced some re-formulated products, AND are bringing over some bath bombs from the UK that I’ve been dying to try. MUCH EXCITE! So yeah, I went shopping. I bought this cute little terrarium bowl for my bathroom, too, and put all of my new Halloween Lush products in the bowl as decoration, and it’s making that whole side of the house smell AMAZING.

photo (8)

Today we’re ending the work week with some birthday celebrations, so there will be wine and cake… YAY! Best way to end a Friday. That’s pretty much my highlight for the day.

I’ll probably stay in this weekend, as this is the last weekend I’ll have free for a while. I’ll probably try out my new bath bombs and take some naps, and hang out with my cat. Oh yeah… living it up over here!

But the next few weeks are going to be SO exciting…. you guys have no idea.

Stay tuned!!!!!!


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