The Adventures of Emrys

My cat is a spoiled brat and I just love her so much what is wrong with me?!

So basically, I had a friend crash at my place over the weekend. I don’t have a couch in my apartment yet, so we shared my bed. Emrys was not impressed that there was suddenly a body laying in her spot on the bed. I’m pretty sure she didn’t sleep the entire night, and when I got up the next morning, she hopped up onto her spot and looked soooooo smug. It was hilarious. And then she was exhausted for the rest of the day since she didn’t sleep and she kept falling over where she stood.

Of course, on the flip side, Em loved all the attention from my friend. She’s not shy around strangers at all. If you have functioning hands that can pet her, then she’ll be your forever friend. She got double the love all weekend long and was absolutely spoiled.

My roommates still love Em (obviously. She’s adorable). So one of my roommates picked up a can of wet food, just to treat her this week. Em nibbled on it all day long- she literally savored it, you guys. Too funny.

And, as always, Em loves trying to keep me in bed in the mornings. She is so sweet and cuddly when she first wakes up, and she snuggles up to me and gives me kisses and purrs and purrs and purrs and it makes it so hard to leave the warmth of my bed and get to work.

IMG_1070   IMG_3021

Sadly, I must report that Emrys broke her favorite toy last week. She loves this pink laser toy that I bought her and she’s so smart, because she figured out where the light comes from. So when she wants to play with the laser, she knocks the laser pointer off the table and starts chasing it around the apartment, like she’s anticipating the red dot coming out of it. But she got a little too excited to play with it the other day, so when she knocked it off the table, it broke! I’ll have to go out and buy her a new one now, and find a hiding place to store it where she won’t find it. Wish me luck with that impossible task…

Finally, on a very positive note, Em has been doing so much better with her litter box since her visit to the vet! There have been zero incidents! I’m so pleased! Fingers crossed she continues to only pee in her litter box. However, I did have some difficulty cleaning her ears this week. She has one ear that gets pretty gross on a regular basis, so I have to clean it out. But she HATES it. She has never bitten or scratched or hissed at anyone. But I definitely walked away with a few scratches and puncture wounds from her trying to flee. She just hates having her ears cleaned so much that she freaks out and tries to run away and I’m trying to hold her still, and my arms and legs get caught in the cross-fire. She was pretty grumpy with me for the rest of the night after I did her ears, but she had forgiven me by morning, as always.

I’m off to buy Em her Halloween costume today during lunch. Get excited. It’s going to be amazing. Don’t you worry- there will be pictures 🙂


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