Saturday Songs

I’ve got some new Glen Hansard and Foals music for you guys this weekend! I missed last Saturday, as I was away from my house, so I owe you all some extra tunes! Glen Hansard just released his album Didn’t He Ramble. Here are my favorites from the album!

Glen Hansard // Winning Streak

Glen Hansard // Her Mercy

Glen Hansard // McCormack’s Wall

Glen Hansard // Lowly Deserter

Glen Hansard // My Little Ruin

Glen Hansard // Stay the Road

So basically… half of the album, if not more. He just has such a passionate voice and beautiful lyrics and I really enjoy his music. I was so excited to listen to his new stuff and was not let down! Foals also put out a new album somewhat recently. I love their entire album Total Life Forever, and quite a few from Holy Fire, so I knew before I even listened to their newest album, What Went Down, that I would love it too! And I wasn’t wrong! Here are my favorite new Foals songs!

Foals // Birch Tree

Foals // Mountain At My Gates

Foals // London Thunder

Foals // Lonely Hunter

Foals // What Went Down

Foals // Night Swimmers

Foals // Give It All

(It’s probably worth mentioning that there are only 10 songs on the album… and I just rec’d 7. It’s really that good).

And finally, I saw Odessa in concert this week! She was lovely and I’ve rec’d some of her songs in the past, but I thought I would do another to commemorate my week. Omar Velasco opened for her and accompanied her throughout her set, and I had never heard of him before, but he was really good live! So here is his favorite song that he played for us!

Odessa // For Granted

Omar Velasco // Dreamtube

That’s all for this week! Definitely be sure to listen to the entirety of the new Glen Hansard and Foals albums! You’ll have them both on repeat all week! Enjoy!


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