My Week in NYC

How great was this week?!

I had such a fabulous time catching up with so many friends throughout the week. I feel positively spoiled!

I started off the weekend with some much needed gal time and a Merlin marathon. One of my lovely friends just moved into an amazing apartment, so I was super excited to check out her new digs and take in the spectacular view from the roof and stay up late just chatting and watching TV. The Merlin marathon ended in the wee hours of the morning and quickly evolved into a Buffy marathon once I realized she had never watched it before. I got her hooked, obviously. Pizza, girl talk, trashy magazines, rooftop chats, and the gorgeous lights of the city… it was a super fun, much-needed weekend!

 photo 1 (7)   photo 2 (7)

Wednesday night I went to a brand new concert venue (brand new for me. It’s been around for a while, but I had never heard of it) called Rockwood Music Hall. It was so tiny and quaint and intimate and I actually really loved it. I saw Odessa, who is this fairy-like music goddess from LA who put on a great, chill, relaxing show. It was so great catching up with my friend and sitting at this cozy table on the balcony, enjoying a few drinks and soft, happy music. It was a perfect evening that just took all my troubles away. I wasn’t in NYC. I wasn’t Kristen. I was just existing as one with the music (I’m such a hipster, oh my god). If you haven’t checked out Rockwood before, definitely go. The tickets are super affordable, it supports local artists, and it’s a great way to be introduced to new music and artists. I had heard of Odessa before, but apparently not many others had. But I liked how cozy it all was.


On the way to the venue, I also passed through San Gerrano festival. I went last year with my friend Mal, so I was feeling very nostalgic. I had some time to kill before the concert started, so I did some “window” shopping. I think I might go back this weekend to spend some more time there and really browse around.

On Thursday, I was treated to lunch by a new friend/fellow BSC alum. We chilled on the rooftop at work and soaked up some of the last bits of summer sun and got to catch up with one another and it was just such a lovely break from the hectic work week, and I felt so spoiled! Plus, the food we ate was from a vegan restaurant nearby that I had never heard of before, and it was so yummy! I’m definitely going to be ordering from them in the future.

After work on Thursday, I literally ran outside with my co-worker and we raced down to the SVA theater where the NYC Doctor Who Premiere was happening! We got to take our picture with Matt Smith’s tardis. Yes, the actual tardis that Matt Smith filmed with. And Matt Smith has always been and will always be my doctor, so I was freaking out a lot. It was so cool turning the corner and seeing the tardis off in the distance- it was definitely a magical moment.

1H3FRJ photo (6)

Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy (the Master) in Doctor Who was also there and looked absolutely gorgeous and was so sweet, signing autographs and taking pictures with fans. My friend and I didn’t actually attend the premiere- we already have plans to watch Doctor Who at the Way Station this weekend, so we didn’t need to get in to the premiere, but it was fun to be at the theater and experience all of the excitement!

We walked around the city for a little while after that, and I got a lot of cool footage for my month in NYC video! We also swung into a Bath and Body works and I smelled literally their entire fall candle collection. I’m gonna have to go on a candle shopping binge, soon…

It was such a crazy, fun-filled week that I think I’m just going to go straight home after work today. I’ll probably pop into Lush during lunch and pick up a bath bomb, too, so that I can really relax this evening. Lush is having a store party tomorrow…. I may have to tread back into the city for that. And then one of my friends is coming over to my place so we can go on a few adventures over the weekend. More fun is on the way!

In NYC, it can be hard to catch up and make plans with friends. You have to get on the train and commute into the city and find a place that’s affordable for everyone, etc. etc. It’s definitely possible, but difficult. But I saw 5 separate friends this week! So I am definitely a happy girl!

I wish every week could be like this. It has been so lovely seeing so many of my friends and just hanging out and going on adventures. I can definitely tell it’s becoming Fall in the city, because everyone is happy and the weather is gorgeous and there are so many fun things going on in the city. And I just really love NYC.


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