My Favorite Doctor Who

How excited is everyone for the new season of Doctor Who?! Missy! Peter Capaldi! Maisie Williams! It’s going to be a hell of a time!

I’ll be watching the new episode at the Way Station in Brooklyn with all of my friends. If you’re in NYC and love Doctor Who, then the Way Station is where you need to be! I’m also going to check out the premiere happening in NYC tomorrow. Michelle Gomez will be there!!! Much excite!

In anticipation for the new season, here are my top 10 Doctor Who episodes from new who!

10. The Waters of Mars- This one is just so scary! It really haunts you and kind of messes you up. What’s not to love?

9. The Christmas Invasion- Santa Robots and Killer Christmas trees… It really gets you in the holiday spirit! I watch it every Christmas, without fail.

8. Voyage of the Damned-  Christmas again! This one is just fantastic. It’s hilarious, meaningful, has great character development… and Kylie Minogue

7. The Eleventh Hour- This was the episode that got me hooked on Doctor Who, so of course it’s on my list! I discovered the amazing-ness that is Matt Smith (my doctor til the end) and fell in love with Amy and Rory.

6. Silence in the Library- This episode introduced us to the wonderful River Song… MY QUEEN! And this episode also just gave me a lot of feelings…

5. The Empty Child- “Are you my mummy?” This is another one of those classic episodes. It’s just a great story, a scary monster, Captain Jack… what else could you need in a doctor who episode?

4. The Angels Take Manhattan- This episode hurts so much, but it hurts so good! I love seeing the doctor in my city (and I’ve loved revisiting all the places where they filmed), I love seeing Amy and Rory and River all together. I love (and hate) the weeping angels. This was just a beautiful ending for Amy and Rory, and absolutely heartbreaking for my favorite doctor.

3. Vincent and the Doctor- This episode gives me a lot of feelings. It’s beautifully done and just made me fall in love with the show even more. I started watching Doctor Who with Matt Smith’s doctor, so this was one of the earliest episodes I saw, and I give this episode the credit for getting me entirely hooked on the show. It was after watching this episode that I knew there was no turning back.

2. Blink- Classic! This is the quintessential Doctor Who episode. It’s like a right of passage. Carey Mulligan is phenomenal in it, and it’s the first time we meet the weeping angels, one of my favorite doctor who monsters! I love it!

1. Midnight- This is, quite possibly, the scariest doctor who episode ever. It’s just a horrifying concept. The acting in this one is great, too, especially considering the entire episode is filmed in a tiny little space craft.

Honorable Mentions:
The Unicorn and the Wasp
The Shakespeare Code
The Time of the Angels
The God Complex

What are your favorite episodes of new who? And what are you most looking forward to in the new season?!


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