My Week in NYC

I gave a little update about my going-ons earlier in the week, so if you read that, you know that I have been swamped with work and working late every day. Basically, I’ve been living, breathing, sleeping work. Nothing too exciting there.

However, last weekend was a fabulous 3-day weekend, and I had such a great time hanging out with friends!

On Friday, I went to the beer garden with two of my roommates. Then we came back to the apartment and binge-watched Pretty Little Liars (which will be at NYCC, so YAY!). Monday, I got together with a friend for lunch and we did some shopping and got frozen yogurt and just had a really great time hanging out together! It was a really fun time! When I got home on Monday, I had a photo shoot compliments of my roommate, which you can read all about on yesterday’s post!

And then the dreaded work week began. Tuesday, I got out of the office close to 8 PM, so that was pretty miserable. Wednesday, I got out closer to 6, so… yay? I’ve just got some insane deadlines and even insaner workload at the moment, what with the beginning of the school year and all. So yeah… it’s keeping me nice and busy!

This weekend is going to be great though! I’m crashing at a friend’s house tonight- she just moved into her amazing new apartment, so I’m so excited to see it! The plan is to have a Netflix marathon and gorge ourselves on pizza and basically just wipe our minds of work and finally get some relaxation in. Then, on Sunday, I’m going to see The Visit with one of my roommates. I have high hopes, Shyamalan… don’t let me down! (but seriously, I’m hoping it’s some good, old-school Shyamalan. Fingers crossed).

So while there wasn’t much excitement during the week, my next few weekends are jam-packed with lots of fun outings. It’s so important to have things to look forward to, especially when work and life are just crazy and hectic and stressful. I always preach that you should put yourself first and always make time for relaxation/pampering/what you love.

I hope you all have as lovely of a weekend as I’m bound to! Enjoy these last few weeks of sunshine and summer while you can (instead of planting yourself in front of a movie screen like i am…)


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