The Adventures of Emrys: Diva Super Model

It’s official… my cat is a diva super model. It’s been tried and tested and proven to be true!

As you probably already know, my roommate (and friend) is an amazing photographer, and she asked me if I wanted to do a photo shoot with Emrys last weekend. Of course, I said YES!

Well, it started off smoothly enough. She got some amazing solo shots of Emrys- Em rolling around, Em cuddled up with a blanket, Em playing with a mouse toy. And then we brought me in.

I pulled up the stool, got situated, picked Emrys up… and apparently stole her spot-light. She was not having it. She did NOT want to take pictures with me. She climbed all over me and kept squirming to be put down and was pulling faces at the camera and running away. And, of course, the second she was left on her own again, she was posing up a storm for the camera. So, apparently, Em just does not want to share the spotlight with anyone.

            (Photo by:

My roommate got some more great pictures of Em playing with a ball of yarn (the stereotypical kitten pic that I am totally going to frame), and I’m so excited to get my hands on all of the finished products so I can show you guys and get them framed and decorate my room with them like the true cat lady that I am!

But in all honesty, Em did great for her photo shoot, and I think there will be a few good shots of the two of us together, even though she hated every second of me sharing the spot light with her 😉

I’m so lucky to have a friend who is so amazing and passionate at what she does, and who was happy to do this photo shoot with me and Emrys. i can’t wait to show you guys more pictures!

And, in true diva form, Emrys had a little temper tantrum earlier this week. I’m not sure what she got worked up over,but something made her anxious or upset or something, because she decided to pee in my bed. And then, the same night, she did NOT want to go to sleep. She was walking around my room crying and playing with whatever she could get her paws on, and jumping all over the bed (and myself) while I was trying to sleep… so I had to kick her out, which I hate. I love having her on the same sleeping pattern as me, and I especially love having her in the bed to cuddle with at night, so any night she’s not with me, I just hate it. She actually peed in my bed again last night, so we’re headed to the vet tonight, just to make sure everything’s ok. It’s not like her to do that, so I’m thinking maybe she’s trying to tell me something. Fingers crossed all goes well!


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