Shit, you guys. This week has been crazy so far. Just, completely chaotic and I’m exhausted. I’m just taking a quick minute to post a little update for you guys, and then I’ll post a real blog post for you in just a bit. So I’m not neglecting you on purpose! I have thought about my blog and the many posts I had planned for you this week many times, but I literally have no had time to sit down and edit them and get them up. I’m sorry!

So basically, on Saturday night I went out with the roommates to the Beer Gardens in Queens. There was live music and the beer was flowing and we just had a great time. Then I came back home and binge-watched Pretty Little Liars with my roommate. I’ve started the entire show over, and spent the entire day Sunday watching. On Monday, which I had off from work (thank god), my childhood friend came into the city and we got lunch and did some shopping and just had a great day together! It was so much fun! I love reconnecting with old friends and still getting along and having fun. It’s a great feeling.

When I got home on Monday, I did a photo shoot with my cat. No joke. My roommate is a photographer and she got some AMAZING shots of my sweet kitty! I’ll write more about that in my Adventures of Emrys post, though, and I’ll even include a little sneak peek of the shoot with you guys 🙂

Yesterday, work was insane. I didn’t leave until close to 8 PM. I didn’t take lunch. It was wine and cheese day, but I didn’t take a break for that, either. I’ve just got some crazy deadlines right now and I’m only taking a quick moment from that to post this for you guys. Today is going to be another insane day at work, but I’m determined to take a lunch and leave on time today. I also need to swing by Lush and get a face mask, because I need some major relaxation. I’m stressing out…

I’ve got some seriously fun plans coming up in the next few weekends though, but I’ll talk more about that in my Friday post!

Basically, I just wanted to give you guys a little update and explain why I didn’t post the last few days, even though I promised I would get back on a somewhat regular schedule again.

So… stay tuned for a real post later today! I promise!


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