Saturday Songs

Halsey released her new album, Badlands, this week. And considering how many songs of hers I’ve rec’d on previous Saturday Songs, it’s no surprise that I’m absolutely obsessed with the album. I’ve already rec’d some of the songs from the album for you guys that she released as singles prior to the album launch (Ghost, Hold Me Down, Drive, Hurricane). So I won’t repeat those on the rec list for this week… but here are a few of my favorites that I hadn’t heard before. But, for the record, I recommend the entire album. It’s so great!

Halsey // Strange Love

Halsey // Young God

Halsey // Haunting

Halsey // Control

Halsey // Roman Holiday 

(That now makes 9 out of 16 songs from her album that I’ve recommended by name… if that doesn’t tell you how great it is, I don’t know what will).

Saint Motel // Puzzle Pieces

Vallis Alps // Young

Santigold // Radio

Kina Grannis // The Fire


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