My Week in NYC

3 day weekend!!!!! Woohooo!!!!!!!

So first of all, let me just say that I can’t believe it’s already September… we’re getting so close to Fall! I’m so excited!

Earlier this week, I learned that Natalie Dormer will be at New York Comic Con. And I think I forgot how to breathe for a minute when I found out. I’m such a fan of hers (you’ll see her all over my tumblr), and I’m just so thrilled that I’ll get to see her in person! I was already planning on going to the Game of Thrones panel (obviously), but now I’m even more excited about it! Comic Con can’t come fast enough!!!!!! Also, there’s going to be a Clueless 20th Anniversary panel and if you know me you know that Clueless is my favorite movie and I know every line and I’ve watched it more times than I can remember, so I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. AND IT WAS JUST ANNOUNCED THAT BILLIE PIPER WILL BE AT NYCC AND I’M LEGIT HYPERVENTILATING I’M SO EXCITED OMG. Comic Con is going to be epic!

I’ve also entered a contest to win tickets to a 90s Fest happening next weekend. Smash Mouth will be there, so there’s that. I don’t have the money to spend on a fun, 90s filled day right now, so fingers crossed I win so I can go! I’m also looking at tickets to Stream Con, happening at the end of October at Javits Center. It’s basically Comic Con, but for YouTube. Joe Sugg will be there, and I would LOVE to meet him. But as of right now, the cost of tickets outweighs the entertainment value. I’m following Stream Con on twitter now, though, so if they keep announcing YouTubers that I love as much as Joe, I might have to just buy a ticket anyway! I’ll keep you guys updated!

On a less cheerful and exciting note, on my way to work this week, I encountered two guys with their hands down their pants. Two separate guys. Two separate occasions. Same morning. Just my luck… and this isn’t even the first time something like that has happened. It never gets less disturbing… gross… disgusting… etc.

Honestly, this week was just a “work, go home, sleep, repeat” kind of week. Nothing too exciting. I just put all of that fun stuff in the first few paragraphs to make it look more exciting than it is. (I do have some fun stuff coming up! I promise! This week was just nice and slow, though). I have a few fun things planned for this long weekend, too. That’s where the excitement lies for this week in NYC! I’m going out for drinks with a friend to celebrate her birthday, so I have that to look forward to! I went to Lush to pick up a few bits and pieces to help me relax this weekend, so I’m excited about that, as well. I know that’s nothing for you folks who are reading this to get excited about, but once you’ve experienced Lush, you’ll understand.

Today was the last day for one of my co-workers; he’ll be moving out of town. So we had a big going-away party for him, complete with cake, wine, and beer. Plus, we get out of work early today. It was a nice way to wrap up the week. I’m so ready for this weekend. Work was intense this week and I’m eager to relax for 3 whole days! I hope you all enjoy your long weekend, as well!

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