Don’t Stop Writing

I haven’t written an advice post in over a month! I feel like I owe you guys one! All of the advice posts that I’ve previously written are ones that I was particularly motivated to write, so it was so easy to sit down and just get it all out. There’s nothing really pounding in my mind at the moment that I just really want to get out. I have a few drafts that I’ve started, but nothing that is flowing from me.

So, my advice for you today is one for writers. And it’s one that’s been told to me time and time again and I’m sure every writer will have heard it before, but it bears repeating. The best way for writers to get better is by writing. The best practice is by writing. The best way to get over writer’s block is to write. Just keep writing, even if it’s utter crap.

Write your dreams, write what you saw that day, write a daydream you keep having, write about a crazy idea you had, write fanfiction for your favorite tv show, write a whole lot of random stuff until something worth saying starts breaking through. Just don’t stop writing. Because, once you stop, it’s so hard to get that momentum going again. But if you never stopped, then once inspiration hits, it will just flow right out of you.

I haven’t had much to say lately. I haven’t been happy with my blog posts. I’ve started a lot of drafts that never got completed. So I told myself I would take a day or two off from the blog and from writing. That day or two turned into two weeks. It’s so easy to neglect writing once you stop.

Keep writing. Keep pushing on. Keep the flow moving from your head to your fingertips. Because it’s sometimes through those random bits that we write or through these paragraphs of random thoughts that we will hit inspiration.

And I feel like this is the kind of advice that can be applied to all aspects of your life. When you’re not feeling motivated or you’re lacking inspiration or you just don’t feel like continuing on or trying, keep on going anyway. Fake it and try hard and do your best and just keep on keeping on and eventually things will fall into place again.

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