Humans: Season 1 Review


Better late than never…

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that Humans is one of my new favorites. One of their best shows in years, AMC hit the jack-pot when they started airing this one. Now that season 1 has wrapped in both the UK and US, I want to go through and talk about this show piece by piece, emphasizing every aspect that works together to make it so intriguing and wonderful (and addicting).

The cast: Colin Morgan, Gemma Chan, William Hurt, Will Tudor, Katherine Parkinson, Emily Berrington, Ivanno Jeremiah, and Sope Dirisu… Human, Synth, or something in-between, this is a stand-out cast. Even the actors I didn’t mention are incredible, but the ones listed above are just outstanding. Their ability to pull off synthetic actions and voices and movements is what makes the show. Basically, the synthetics are what could make or break this show- it is so touch and go. If the actors didn’t nail the synthetic actions perfectly and pull it off to make it believable, then this show would have crashed and burned. I hear the actors actually had to go to “synth school” to learn how to perfect their actions and voices and movements. And it paid off! Gemma Chan, in particular, is incredible as Anita/Mia. And Colin Morgan, of course, is spectacular as the rugged, underdog Leo that everyone wants to pull for.

The writing: Humans has the perfect amount of suspense, action, angst, and hope. It takes an idea that is quite popular in Sci-Fi film (AI) and turned it into an original concept. It tells the story from the POV of humans and these “novelty” synthetics, making you feel for them and relate to them the same as the human characters. The script is believable. The conversations and arguments and reactions and how the synths communicate… it is all so sound that it makes you want to go out and buy a synth of your own (or help free them all). It just feels real, which can be a tricky thing to do when writing sci-fi. It is just so well done! And oh, the plot twists… So. Many. Plot. Twists. It definitely keeps you captivated and guessing at every turn, leaving you anxious for the next episode. There is so much information and surprises constantly being unveiled- you will never lose interest during an episode. And it will keep your mind whirling for a while after it ends, eager to find out more.

The concept: Humans is about synthetics with AI living in the world without anyone knowing, with the ability to create more of their own kind buried deep in their heads. The world accepted synths a long time ago and adjusted to having them innovated into their daily lives. Humans are back-lashing, not because they feel like they could be in danger (although some are definitely worried about that), but because they feel irrelevant and unnecessary when compared to these perfect duplicates. These are the main story-points in the show and what the show revolves around. And it all just expounds from there, creating intricately woven story-lines between all the characters.


What will happen next?
We start off season one with Leo on the hunt for Anita/Mia, who has been kidnapped and re-wired, her old self buried deep inside. But, with that issue resolved by the end of season 1, I am so excited and eager to see where they go next, and what other obstacles those two characters will face.

Then there’s Fred… poor Fred. While Max and Anita are my favorite synths (and thank god Max is restored and he, Mia, and Leo are sticking together), Fred was really growing on me, and I hated to see him “re-wired” (and seriously, what a surprise that was. I never saw it coming!) and left behind. I have a feeling that that will be a huge issue in season 2; trying to restore Fred and get him back in control of his mind and away from Hobbs. I am rooting for him!

And Niska… naughty Niska! She’s a live wire, that one. I never knew what to expect from her in season 1, and it looks like that will continue in season 2. I wasn’t sad to see her go off on her own, but I had no idea she would steal the hard drive and take it with her. So many unexpected surprises in this show! I never see any of these twists coming!

As for what I think will happen in season 2/what the main storyline will be… I have no idea. I honestly have no clue what they’ll get up to and what scenarios lie ahead for the characters. The two main plots I can think of would involve saving Fred and possibly stopping/tracking down Niska. This show is so good at delivering unexpected surprises and plot twists, though, so I’m sure it will be much more complicated and exciting than what I expect. And that’s one thing that is so great about this show- I always have such high expectations, yet it still manages to exceed them every week! So yeah, I honestly have no idea what’s in store. But you can read about some plans for season 2 HERE! And keep your eye out for the season 2 premiere date! You won’t want to miss it!


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