The Adventures of Emrys

What a mischievous little kitty cat I have!

Curiosity killed the cat has never been a more relevant phrase. Because my little girl loves to get into EVERYTHING!

As a lot of you know, I have new roommates now, and they get so tickled over Emrys, because she’s always poking her nose into everything. She scared one of my roommates the other day by sneaking up behind her while she was sitting at her vanity doing her makeup. Em popped her head up behind my roommate so that she suddenly appeared in the mirror, as if she was in a horror movie or something, and scared my roommate half to death. And then she went to my other roommate’s room and pushed on the door until it finally shoved open, so she could go exploring. The little trouble-maker!

Em has also been spending a lot of her time in the bathrooms… We have a new bathmat in the bathroom, too, and she’s obsessed with it. I always find her napping or rolled up in it. And she’s been fascinated with the bath tub lately, too. When I take bubble baths, I always bring Em into the bathroom with me, or else she’ll sit outside the door and cry until I let her in. So she usually curls up on my clothes and naps while I take my bath. But now she’s fascinated with the tub and keeps getting in it and playing with the shampoo bottles and such.

I have to kick Em out of my room when I’m getting ready in the morning, too, as she likes to play with my hair clips and mascara and any other make-up and beauty products she can get her paws on (today it was my concealer and foundation…) She’s also started jumping around on my bookshelves, too. That’s a habit I’d really like to rid her of, but I doubt I’ll be successful. -sigh-

She’s been so sweet and cuddly at bedtime lately, though. And she snuggles a lot in the mornings when I wake up. I’ve been late to work more than I should lately because of this sweet girl. It’s hard to get up in the morning when you wake up to a sweet, cuddly kitty who’s giving you kisses! And I’m always eager to get home, because she’s always so happy to see me!!

(Photo by:

I ran into PetSmart the other day to pick up some food and litter for her, and they already had their Halloween stuff out! I got too excited and went ahead and bought a few toys for her (but she won’t get them until October. I’ve stored them away safe and sound in my closet, and she hasn’t found them yet). I wasn’t super excited about their kitty costumes this year, so I made my way over to the dog section and found a cute Halloween dress for her! I didn’t buy it yet, but I’m 99% sure that’s what she’ll be wearing this year for Halloween. Don’t you worry, folks. There will be pictures!

Mostly, Emrys has just been up to her usual antics, playing hard and getting into everything and being sweet and adorable and perfect 🙂


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