My Week in NYC

Hello!!!!! It’s a been a while!

This week in NYC was super busy, fun, hectic, exciting, and relaxing all at once. Which is basically NYC in a nutshell, right there. I was super sick last week and completely lost my voice. I even had to make a little sign for my desk on Monday letting my co-workers know I couldn’t talk. So I was dealing with that last week and over the weekend and for the first half of this week. But I woke up on Wednesday feeling much better! I still have a cough and a stuffy nose, but I’m just feeling so much better. So yay!

Work was crazy busy this week, but it made the work week go so quickly, which I love. I hate sitting around doing nothing (much like I’m doing today…). We’re re-doing a lot of our website at the moment, and the deadline for everything that had to be done was just…. it was insane. So I was rushing to get that done on Friday, Monday, and Tuesday. Meanwhile, everyone was still dropping stuff off on my desk to do. So I spent Wednesday and Thursday speeding around trying to play catch-up. But today I’m finally relaxing a bit.

Wednesday after work I made a new friend from my alma mater! He just moved up here, so we met up thanks to some mutual friends and had fun exploring my favorite bookstore, Housing Works, in SoHo. I was able to grab a copy of Sir Gawaine and the Green Knight, which I swear I bought forever ago, but when I went to grab it from my bookshelf about a month ago, I couldn’t track it down. Lucky for me Housing Works had a copy for $1. I’ve been reading it on the train during my commute and it’s just such a great poem! I highly recommend for Arthurian/literary nerds such as myself.

I also ran some errands during my lunch breaks this week, preparing for the ultimate weekend of relaxation. I bought the new Vogue, and Dragon’s Egg bath bomb and Cupcake face mask from Lush (I’ll report back with my thoughts once I use these products). So I am ready for a nice, relaxing Saturday!

The weather has been so nice this week! It’s been pretty cool in the mornings, lately. I can feel jacket weather approaching and I’m so excited! This summer in NYC has been so lovely, though… much cooler than previous summers, so I kind of don’t want it to end. But I just love October/November/December so much! I should definitely get out this weekend and enjoy this weather, though.

On one of my lunch breaks this week, I decided to go for a little stroll and just enjoy the weather. And I happened upon signs for Gotham filming near my work. I figured they would be filming later that night and didn’t think much of it. But then I saw all these signs pointing to Set. So I followed the signs and came upon Ben McKenzie! It was so exciting!

photo (5)

They were filming behind a building, but their chairs were set up in this little alcove off the sidewalk, so I could kind of see the cast and crew setting up between takes. Ben came out at one point to take a selfie with a fan on the sidewalk, so I got a clear look at him then (I sound so creepy, but there were loads of people around checking out the excitement, too). I just love that in NYC, you can go out for a stroll and end up on a TV/Film set (unless it’s around the subway and messing up my commute… I really hate that).

Hmmm… what else? What else?! I’ve been MIA for so long on this blog that I feel like there’s so much more to report on, but I’ve honestly just been laying in bed sick for the past week. I have been working on a few drafts for the upcoming week for this blog, so you can definitely expect more regular posts in the future. Maybe not daily, but more regular again for sure.

Also, I’ll be posting my Month in NYC for you guys tonight once I get home! I’ll be posting to Vimeo instead of YouTube, as YouTube keeps stripping my videos of music, which is really frustrating. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with Vimeo!

One final little thing to wrap up this week… Darren Criss has organized a music festival for theater people called Elsie Fest! Tickets went on sale last Friday, and are pretty reasonably priced. It’s a one-day outdoor music festival happening in September, featuring Darren, Lea Salonge, Aaron Tveit, and others, and it looks to be pretty great! I probably won’t be in attendance, as I don’t have the money to spare at the moment, but I recommend that my theater people go (and report back to me)! It should be a fun time!


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