My Week in NYC

What a fun week!

I did some shopping this past weekend for the apartment. I got a few little decorative pieces for the house and did a tiny bit of decorating.

photo 1 (6)

Then I slept a lot. I think I was fighting off a cold or something as I slept for about 70% of my weekend and still felt tired. But I’m feeling better now!

I started off this week with a movie in the park with my roommate. They were showing How to Train Your Dragon and there were boats going by in the background and fireflies were all around and we just laid out on a picnic blanket in the grass… it was such a lovely evening. I think we’re planning to go again this upcoming Monday, because we really enjoyed being outside and just enjoying the nice weather. Plus, they’re showing Ghostbusters on Monday, and when my friend learned that I’d never seen it before, she said we had to come back. So that’s a nice way to start off the week and something to look forward to next week as well 🙂

Wednesday, I went with some friends to a live taping of America’s Got Talent! It was only the results show, so there weren’t any spectacular performances or anything, but it’s always fun being a part of a live audience on TV. The winner of season 9 also came back and did a magic show for us, and Omi performed his song Cheerleader to open up the show. You can’t really complain about free entertainment. Plus, Mel B is a judge! Yes, the Scary Spice! So is Heidi Klum. And Nick Cannon is the host. So I was in the room with some pretty cool people! So that was really neat. And I always love visiting Radio City Music Hall. It’s just such a gorgeous theater. That alone made the entire night worth my while.

photo 5 (1)

 photo 2 (6)  photo 4 (2)

Thursday, I finally returned to Broadway in Bryant Park for their last performance of the summer. I didn’t make it to the last few, because I was out of town, and then when I got back to the city, work was pretty hectic. But I had to go this week because it was the last one, and Spring Awakening performed! Spring Awakening is back on Broadway for a super limited run and tickets are majorly expensive, so it was great to be able to see at least one song for free in the park. It looks like it’s going to be a pretty cool show. The cast is deaf and signs the songs onstage while someone else sings the words, so that’s pretty cool. I believe it’s Deaf West theater and is the same adaptation as the show in California? I’m not 100% sure on that. But anyway, it looks really cool. Look up the revival if you’re going to be in the city/live here. It’s going to be running from mid-September until January 9th.

Honestly, as far as this weekend goes, I just want to hang out with my cat and binge-watch Netflix. So that’s probably what I’ll be up to. Maybe I’ll throw a bubble bath and mud mask in for good measure. I hope all of you lovely readers have had a good week, as well. Also, if you haven’t yet, check out my post from Monday where I list some cool happenings in NYC this week- it’s not too late to find some fun, free things to do in the city this weekend!


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