My Week in NYC

My week started off on a great note!

I spent Sunday in the park, reading and snacking on an ice cream cone while laying out in the grass in the shade, the smell of grass and pool and the river invading my senses and creating the perfect summer atmosphere as I looked out at the Manhattan skyline across the river. How’s that for picture perfect? It really was a lovely day.

  photo 1 (2)   photo 5

 photo 3 (1)  photo 4

photo 2 (2)

I came home from the park and cooked and cooked and cooked. I’m trying to order out less, so I baked myself some homemade oatmeal bars for breakfast this week, then made a baked spaghetti dish to pack for lunch this week, as well. Yay!!!

Monday was wine and cheese day at work! Plus, my boss is out on vacation, which just means a little less work for me (emphasis on the “little”, but still). I also discovered over the weekend that there is a Lush store just two blocks from my work! Clueless, much? So I popped on over there on Monday (and again on Wednesday) during lunch and picked myself up a Sakura bath bomb and Sunny Side bubble bar. I was much overdue for a pamper evening, plus the bath goodies served as motivation to clean my bathroom/bath tub, so I could enjoy an evening soaking in the lovely minty, floral scents of my 100% vegetarian not-tested-on-animals hand-made bath bomb. Gosh, I’m a fan of Lush. Can’t wait to try out their different scents now that I know they’re so close by!

I also got another lovely treat on Monday at work in the form of TimTams! I love that I have two Australian co-workers, as they love to treat us to this Australian cookie every once and a while. So yummy! Monday was also wine and cheese day, so I got to partake in some yummy free drinks. That’s always a perk to the new month at work.

The middle of the week was pretty same old, same old. Nothing too exciting. Work, come home, sleep, repeat. I have decided, however, that today is going to be the best day ever! I’ve just spent lunch enjoying the gorgeous sunny weather outside at Bryant Park, as well as window-shopping at Sephora (I was so good! I didn’t buy anything! Just took some emntal notes…). I’m thinking about going to Highline Park and then over to check out The Whitney Museum later after work. For you New Yorkers, Friday nights from 7-9:30PM, tickets are pay what you like at The Whitney. So it’s the ideal night to do that. But we’ll see… it all depends on how tired I am when I get off work today. Perhaps I’ll go next Friday, if not today. Regardless, I fully intend to go and report back to you guys all about it!

I’ve also just learned that my one true love, Colin Morgan, has landed yet another spectacular role. Seriously, this guy is a phenomenal actor and the way he keeps landing these great parts is no surprise to me. So pleased for him! He was most recently on Humans as Leo, and is now going to be the lead in a six-part BBC drama/horror called The Living and the Dead. Much excite!


I’m ending the day today with some cake at work (starting the week with wine, ending with cake. What’s not to like?). We’re celebrating all the August birthdays! So yay! I have a busy, productive weekend ahead of me, so I’m looking forward to just relaxing a bit when I can this weekend. But I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted as to all the fun things I get up to! Same time next week? It’s a date 😉


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