The Adventures of Emrys


It’s been a great week with Emrys, and we’re both so happy to be reunited. When I showed up at the pet hotel last week, she saw me through her window the second I walked into the lobby. She rolled over and started nuzzling her head against the window and I put my hand up to the glass and she reached her paw up and placed it against mine. And when I pulled my hand away she started scratching at the glass, trying to get to me. It was an epic and love-filled reunion. She is so precious, and it’s so heartwarming that she knows her mama!

As soon as we got home from the hotel, Emrys was stuck to my side. She’s not a big fan of subway rides, either, so she was relieved to be home for many reasons. She walked around the house meowing for a while, just to make sure everything was as she left it. But eventually she settled into bed with me and slept curled up in my arms. And that is how she has slept every night this week. I think both of us are hesitant to spend any time apart from each other!

I even went to the park on Sunday for a little while to enjoy the gorgeous weather and read for a while, and when I got home my roommate said Emrys just sat in the kitchen and cried for fifteen minutes after I left. My roommate was sweet enough to play with Em and distract her until she calmed down. But I guess Em still has a bit of separation anxiety after her stay at the hotel. I hope she doesn’t cry like that every day when I leave for work!

Apparently while Emrys was at the hotel, she was not hesitant to show everyone her dislike of her situation. She peed on her bed, threw a temper tantrum when the workers spent time with any of the other cats, and like to flip her food bowl and scatter it around her room. That’s my cat… total diva.

I bought Emrys a laser toy to reward her for being “good” during her hotel stay, and she is OBSESSED with it. I held off buying her a laser for so long because Em is so easily excitable and made hyper. So I knew a laser would drive her crazy. I was correct in that assumption. She goes NUTS for this laser, spinning around in circles and chasing it up the wall and pouncing on it and stalking it. I have never seen her go so crazy over a toy (with the exception of her absolute favorite toy in the entire world, the sparkly fuzzy ball). The difficult thing with lasers, though, is that she can’t see me put it away when playtime is over, so after I put the laser away, she continues to sniff around the house, searching it out. It especially confuses her because when she “catches” the laser beam and sniffs it, she’s just smelling the floor. So when I turn the laser off, she’ll sniff for it and be like, “IT SMELLED JUST LIKE THIS FLOOR! IT’S AROUND HERE SOMEWHERE! I CAN SMELL IT!” It drives her crazy, bless her.

In summary, Em is doing great and this week has been full of lots of cuddles 🙂 See you next week!


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