My Month in NYC (and Florida)!

This month, I watched the US Women’s Soccer Team dominate at the World Cup, watched some amazing performances at Broadway in Bryant Park, and took a trip down to Florida to visit friends, family, and the beach! It was such a great month, despite the intense heat!

It wouldn’t be an accurate description of NYC without at least one “horror” story, though. So, this week, let’s talk about the subway!!!!

I had two major subway snafu’s this month. This first happened around 9 AM on a work day… of course. There was a “customer injury” at the Times Square station, which means someone jumped in front of the train. All the trains stopped, a police investigation went underway, and I was left stranded three stops away from my house. So I got off the train, called an uber, waited 15 minutes for the uber to arrive, gave him all my money, and arrived to work an hour later. My co-worker had it worse, though, as she was in the subway car that hit the guy! Her subway got powered down and they were all forced to evacuate the train. Upside to the story is, the guy survived! But, that could be a downside, too, as I would hate to be conscious after getting hit by a train. OUCH!

The second subway story took place as I was leaving work. I got onto my train to head home, but it just sat there… and sat there… and sat there. Finally, the conductor made an announcement that there was a signal problem at 57th street, so the trains were running with delays and they didn’t know how long it would be until we started moving. They announced that trains were running past 57th street, though, so I got off my train and caught the F to Lexington Avenue. When I got to Lexington Avenue, though, and waited and waited and waited some more for my train to arrive, they announced that all train service had been discontinued, and that I could take the 6 train BACK into the city to Grand Central, then catch the 7 train to Queensboro plaza, then transfer to my train from there…. I took a cab home. And got major motion sickness. When I got home I popped some Dramamine and was useless for the rest of the day.

Oh New York City public transit… how I love to hate thee.


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