The Adventures of Emrys (and Introducing William Gevorg)

Hi everyone!

I am back from my vacation, but I have yet to see my baby girl! Emrys is still at the Pet Hotel as I write this post, and I’ll be picking her up just as soon as I get off from work today. My flight got in too late last night to go pick her up, because the hotel was already closed for the night, so I’m super impatient to go pick her up today!

I tossed and turned all night without Emrys in the bed with me. While I was home on vacation, my mom’s cat, William, slept in the bed with me. And the night I slept at my brother’s house, his dogs slept in the bed with me. So not having an animal in the bed with me last night kept me up! Plus, my apartment just doesn’t feel like home without Emrys in it.

I called the pet hotel pretty frequently to check up on Emrys while I was gone, and they always had good reports for me! Apparently, she was pretty grumpy the first two nights. She’s never bad or aggressive- she doesn’t hiss or swipe at the workers like some of the cats do. She’s super friendly and lets the workers open up the door to her room and hold her and pet her (I’m so proud of my kitty!), but apparently she just had a grumpy face on the first few nights, and wouldn’t really eat her food.

After the second night, Emrys accepted her situation and started eating and cuddling again. She cuddled with a lot of the workers (who are also my friends, as I used to work at this hotel) and played with her toys. She had a fluffy bed in her room, too, that she slept on constantly. Every time I called to check up on her, the workers said she would glare at them through her window, like she knew I was on the phone and was angry that I had left her there and not taken her on vacation with me.

One particularly funny story was about a diva tantrum Emrys threw one day. Apparently, one of the workers went to cuddle and play with her, then put her back in her room and moved on to give attention to another cat that was staying there. But Emrys didn’t like that the attention shifted to another cat, so she threw her bed in the litter box, then dumped her food bowl over and scattered it all over her room. So, you know, nothing new there…

Since there’s not much to report on in regards to Emrys, I’d like to introduce you to another cat! Everyone, meet William Gevorg!

photo 1 (1)      photo 2 (1)

William is the cat that I got for my mom the summer before I went away to college. He was eight months old when we got him, which means he’s about 6 1/2 years old now! I can hardly believe it! I got William for my mom because I was moving out, and I wanted my mom to have company. And William has just been the best company for her! He is super clingy, sweet, loving, and cuddly. He loves to be picked up and just held as you walk around the house. He’ll literally follow you around, crying, until you pick him up. We have a screened-in porch in the backyard that he loves to hang out in. And, of course, he loves to sit in windows and watch the world go by.

William is also one of the most talkative cats I’ve ever seen in my life. He always lets you know when it’s breakfast and dinner time. And as soon as you sit down, he’s right there in your lap, chatting happily away, telling you all about his day. He is also very, very scared of strangers. If someone new comes into the house, he will hide and won’t come out until they’re gone. When I got home for vacation, he backed away from me for about three seconds before he realized who I was, and then he promptly rolled over so I could rub his belly. I’m so happy that he always remembers and loves me, even when I’ve been gone for a while. I suppose he remembers who adopted him!

Unfortunately, I don’t get to see William often. I won’t get to see him again until Christmas! But I still talk to him via FaceTime sometimes, and love hearing about what he’s getting up to when I chat to my mom. I know you guys will love him just as much as you love Emrys! I’ll be sure to give you updates every time I see him!

Next week, I’ll be back with my regular Adventures of Emrys! Just a few more hours until I have my baby back home with me! I can’t wait!!!


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