My Week in NYC

Tomorrow, I leave for vacation! I’ll be home in Florida for 10 WHOLE DAYS, enjoying time with friends, family, and the beach! I can’t wait to have a break from work and the hectic NYC lifestyle and just take it nice and slow in the South. I have so many fun things planned, and so many people to see, so you most likely won’t be getting any blog posts from me while I’m there. But I’ll be sure to write a blog post, as well as post a video once I’m back in NYC at the end of the month!

As far as this week goes, I didn’t get up to too much. I watched Magic Mike XXL (which featured Donald Glover and Twitch! Woohoo!) and It Follows. I highly recommend both films for completely different reasons. I actually wrote up a review for It Follow, which you can read HERE!

I also went back to Broadway in Bryant Park to see Finding Neverland, Chicago, and Mamma Mia perform! Brandy was there to perform with Chicago and it was really fun! It was an unbelievably gorgeous day, so sitting out in the park and soaking up some sun was the best possible thing I could have done on my lunch break. I really enjoyed myself! I love that I can leave the office for a little while and just walk down the street to do these fun things 🙂

Apart from that, it’s mostly just starting to really feel like summer here in the city. You always know when it’s summer because the subway smells like armpits and the streets smell like rotten trash. Tourists flock to the city and delay you getting to work. People bother you for money on the subway every single day. And no amount of AC can keep the unbearable heat out of the apartment (my room feels great, mind you. But the second I walk into the living room or kitchen, I start sweating instantly).

This morning, the subway was running with MAJOR delays. The police were investigating a “customer injury” at Lexington Avenue, which is professional speak for “someone jumped.” I made it two whole stops on the train before everything came to a halt. And then they announced that the trains wouldn’t be going to Manhattan anymore, and that there was a train at every station ahead of us, and they had no idea when the trains would be up and running again. So I got off the train and waited 10 minutes for an Uber, and an hour later I was finally at work! Oh, New York. Oh, public transport.

I am so ready for the weekend. And I am so ready for vacation! I’ll see you guys in a little over a week!


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