The Adventures of Emrys

Little Miss Emrys has found her voice! She has been so talkative lately, meowing at everything. She never really meowed during the first few months I had her, and when she finally did meow, it was this tiny, little, pathetic, mewling noise. She basically still meows like a baby kitten, and sounds like a bird more often than not. She has a high-pitched soft cry that she makes, usually when she wants attention, is wandering around the house and is wondering where everyone is, and when she’s about to poop (not even kidding. She warns everyone first).

Ever since my old roommates moved out and the new ones moved in, Em has been very vocal about her concerns and confusion. I honestly didn’t even know she had it in her to meow so much, and she’s been increasing in volume as she gets more practice in. She meows at night when it’s time to go to bed, because she doesn’t want to go to sleep! She meows when I’ve been in my room too long in the afternoon after work and she wants me to go in the living room with her and play! She meows when she’s about to let out a smelly poop, warning everyone in the vicinity that it’s about to get stinky! She has found her voice and she is very excited about it…

Em hasn’t been as cuddly since it started getting really hot outside, and I really miss our bedtime cuddles. Sometimes, when the mood strikes, she’ll curl up next to me in the morning, but I can only cuddle for a minute or two before I have to get ready for work. She’s also started sleeping on the floor next to her scratching post. I legitimately think that she’s worried it will disappear, like everything else in the house did when the old roommates moved out. She did sleep in my bed for a little while last night, though. I woke up around 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep, and she was SO excited for extra cuddle time! The second she realized I was awake but wasn’t going anywhere, she made her way over and curled up in my arms (she loves being the little spoon), and gave me loads and loads of kisses. I love mornings like that with her.

I’ve made a previous post about how much Emrys loves the spotlight and posing for pictures. Well, one of my new roommates is a photographer, and she’s been taking some of the CUTEST pictures of Emrys! Em loves walking around the house and posing for her. It is the cutest thing ever, watching her strut her stuff and pose during a photoshoot. And I’m LOVING all of these new, adorable pictures of her.

photo (1)

I’ve also learned that Emrys can jump. And not just a little hop up off the ground to get a toy, but higher than the light switch in my bedroom kind of jump. I was on my iPad the other afternoon and the sun coming through the window cast a light on the wall from the metal of my iPad. And Emrys became super fixated with this spot on the wall, and jumped SO UNBELIEVABLY HIGH! So, of course, I immediately turned on the camera and started filming. I caught her high jump 3 times on camera, so don’t you worry. You guys will get to witness it for yourself next time I put together a video of all of her silly antics!

This weekend, I leave for vacation, and Emrys will unfortunately have to stay behind. I’ve booked her a room at the kitty hotel I used to work at, so she’ll be in good hands! They’ll play with her and love on her and feed her treats and read her bedtime stories- she’ll barely have time to notice that I’m gone. I’m going to miss her so much, though! I’ll be eager to tell all of you how she did at the hotel, though. Expect an update in two weeks time!


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