Cory Monteith

It’s been two years to the day since we lost Cory Monteith. I still remember that morning, my phone blowing up with the terrible news. The world had lost a beloved soul. I pretty much spent the entire day crying. I was heartbroken.

That’s the effect Cory had on people. I had never even met him in person, but he touched so many lives- he touched my life. He was a role model to so many people, and he deserved so much more and so many more years. I was so lucky to see him perform live twice, and his passion and love for performing was clear to everyone in the room.

I went back and looked at my tumblr posts from that day… they were short and didn’t really say a lot. I was having a hard time processing what had happened. Most of my posts were along the lines of, “I’m in shock. I feel sick. I can’t believe it. My heart is aching.” I took a few moments today to remember Cory, and all of those feelings came rushing back.

It’s still hard to believe some days. But, even in death, Cory continues to inspire so many people, and can still cause so many emotions when I stop and think about him and the legacy he left behind. It’s been two years, but we’re still thinking of you and missing you, Cory! Glee is over now, the cast is scattering, people are moving on to different things, but Cory is the one shining light that still guides us home and keeps us together.


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