Saturday Songs

Broods // L.A.F
And I’ll never get this feeling out of my head
And I’ll never wanna be the one you forget

Broods // Everytime
Cause it’s never your fault
When you’re keeping your knees clean
And sorry’s below you
It’s always me, always me

Halsey // Ghost
My ghost
Where’d you go?
I can’t find you in the body sleeping next to me
My ghost
Where’d you go?
What happened to the soul, that you used, to be?

Glen Hansard // Vanquisher
Against the smell of hope, through measuring
There are fewer greater former ghosts
We have our affects, we have our ransom
This we’ll survive, surviving those

Beck // Dreams
Here we are
Running circles around around around around
When nothing’s right just close your eyes close your eyes and you’re gone

Quick promo: for you guys who like my music recs and follow this regularly, I’ll give a shout-out to my person who I follow regularly for music recs. NOEL FISHER!!!! I would pay endless amounts of money to just take a look at his playlist some time. Every Friday, he posts a new favorite track to Twitter and they are always just PERFECT. #musicsoulmate


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