My Week in NYC

My week started off with a much-needed 3 day weekend! I cleaned the apartment. Then cleaned some more. Then did a little more after that. And I’m pleased to say that my room and apartment are looking great! Everyone is starting to get settled and moved in and I’m just so happy. It’s amazing how much my mood has improved since the start of this month!

On Friday and Saturday, I mostly laid around and did nothing. But, on Saturday night, I did head to Astoria Park to celebrate the 4th of July with one of my new roommates (all of whom I’m still loving, so YAY!). I headed that way close to sunset and was thrilled to see loads of people out grilling and barbecuing, fireflies/lightning bugs flying around, and people setting off fireworks. I headed straight for the ice cream truck and got a cone to celebrate, then settled down by the water to watch some fireworks.

photo 3

Unfortunately, Macy’s fireworks show was closer to Brooklyn this year, so I couldn’t really see the fireworks from the park… I could see a few sparks through the trees. But loads of people were setting off their own fireworks, so I still had a good time. It was nice just getting outside and enjoying a cool summer night with new friends. Plus, lightning bugs! Seriously, nothing got me more excited than that. Nothing says summer more than lightning bugs!

photo 1 photo 2

On Sunday I met up with a friend from work to watch the Women’s World Cup at a tavern on the West Side. (USA! USA!) It was such a great game! And I got the whole bar chanting at one point during the game. My friend was cracking up. She was like, “Oh my god. That was you. You just started that. You just got the whole bar chanting!”

Broadway in Bryant Park started up yesterday and will continue every Thursday until the end of August. I had never gone before but always wanted to, so I called up a friend from college who just moved up here and convinced him to check it out with me! For those who don’t know, Broadway in Bryant Park is a free performance from multiple Broadway shows, outside, FREE, in the park! Yesterday, I saw performances from Stomp, Wicked, Fuerza Bruta, Penn and Teller, and It Shoulda Been You (which I really want to see now, but it only runs for a few more weeks). It was SO much fun! I got there right at 12:30, when the performances were set to start, because I had to go during my lunch break (seriously, it runs from 12:30-1:30. How perfect is that timing? I can just go during lunch) and it was SO crowded. But my friend and I managed to find a seat and we just had a blast. I can’t wait to go again next week! And every Thursday until it ends…

Last weekend, during the Pride Parade, I discovered that a Charming Charlie opened a block from work. I was obsessed with that store in Birmingham during college, so I’m definitely going to head over there during lunch today! I heard a rumor that it’s 2 stories high. So excited! For you New Yorkers who have never heard of this store before, definitely check it out. I’ve already convinced all of my co-workers to check it out, and those that have LOVE it!

And on a completely random note, I had a dream within a dream this week- total inception moment. I was dreaming that I was asleep and dreaming. And in my dream inside a dream, Ian and Mickey from Shameless broke up. And in my dream, I woke up and was so upset. So I went out for a walk to calm down and ran into Noel Fisher, and I was like, “Oh man, am I happy to see you. I just had the most depressing dream ever. I dreamed that Ian and Mickey broke up.” And dream-Noel was like, “Yeah right! The writers would never do that!” So I was all happy and started walking down the street with him. And I told him, “We’ve actually met before! Very briefly.” But he didn’t remember me. And then I saw that he had a tattoo going down his arm and I was like, “Wow! That’s so cool! May I look?” And he held out his arm and told me he got the tattoo yesterday and was going to make a whole sleeve of tattoos and was currently on his way to the tattoo parlor for his next session. And I was like, “Awesome! I’ll come with!” But then I remembered that we weren’t actually friends and it would be weird, so I quietly and awkwardly strolled away. And then I woke up (for real that time). Apparently, I can’t even have nice things in my dreams. -sigh-

Then I had another dream this week where I was watching TV and saw a trailer for a Merlin revival film, starring Colin Morgan and Bradley James. They had kept the filming of it a total secret, and it was to take place in the current day. In the trailer, Merlin was a modern day student in college and he opened his dorm room one day to find Camelot on the other side, which meant that Arthur had finally returned. And he sought out Gaius because Arthur had no memories of his previous life and he was in danger- there was an evil fairy who was going to lure him out to sea and drown him. And it was just SO COOL and I need Merlin to come back so badly. I’ve never written Merlin fanfiction, but I may just have to write this…

This weekend, I plan on seeing Magic Mike XXL with a friend, then heading over to Governor’s Island ferry! I’m excited to check yet another item off my NYC Summer Bucket List! I hope you all have a great weekend, as well! I’ll see you tomorrow with my Saturday Songs playlist!


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