The Adventures of Emrys

Emrys loves her new roommates! She was so excited to go exploring the newly decorated bedrooms and sniff all of their clothes and get lots of love and attention from new people! As far as I can tell, she doesn’t seem to miss Oliver, which I’m really relieved about (I kind of miss the giant fluff ball. But, at the same time, I’ve got Em. What else could I possibly need?). On Monday morning, after I let Em out of my room for the day, she sneaked right into my roommate’s room and got in the window! She also got caught creepin on another new roommate, who just happens to be a photographer!

photo (9)
Photo cred: Julieanne

I love that she’s adjusting so well to the new roommates and feels so comfortable around them, and isn’t hesitant to lay claim to her apartment. She even has a new pet to play with- a little rodent named Lilly. She met her last night and they were so cute, pressing their noses together and checking one another out. So, she may have lost her boyfriend, but maybe she’ll gain a best friend instead.

photo (12)

Emrys went to the vet on Thursday to get her shots updated and have her annual exam. She was great for her shots! She walked herself over to the scale and weighed herself so the vet didn’t have to (we were cracking up). She didn’t care about the thermometer up her butt. But the second they decided they would give her ears a clean, she freaked. (See The Struggles of Emrys post). In fact, she freaked out so hard that she peed herself in her carrier as we were leaving. Which meant I gave Emrys her first ever bath!

When we got home from the vet, I shut us in the tub together, and she didn’t even care. You guys- I have the oddest cat in the entire world. The only two things she dislikes in the entire world are getting her ears cleaned and the AC (which she got over in two days, so that doesn’t even count). She was even totally calm on the 4th of July- her ears would perk up, but she couldn’t care less about the fireworks going off. But for bath time she just sat there. She wasn’t thrilled about it, but she didn’t cry or panic or squirm. She literally just sat there all defeated while I washed her. Yay for successful bath time!

photo (11)

Emrys has also completely recovered from her broken tail that happened about a month and a half ago- the vet was so pleased with her progress. In fact, Em is feeling so back to normal that she’s started chasing her tail again, like a dog. She has a super long tail and she loves spinning around in circles and pinning it down. She literally pounces on her own tail and runs in circles and grabs her tail with her front paws and bites at it. It’s hilarious. She even did this the other night during a terrible thunderstorm. Lightning was flashing every few seconds, thunder was booming, hail was loudly pelting the window- and she just chased her tail around in circles, completely unfazed by the storm. She’s incredible.


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