Ed Sheeran Appreciation

*Music hipster moment*

I have been enjoying listening to Ed Sheeran for about 4 years now. I remember listening to him as a Sophomore in college, thinking he was so amazing and knowing every word to every song from his album +. I was in the car driving around Birmingham, AL with my friends the first time I heard him on the radio, and I remember I screamed so loud because “HE MADE IT! OH MY GOD, HE MADE IT! HE’S GETTING THE ATTENTION HE DESERVES!” The song was The A Team. And all of my friends were so confused and asked, “who’s that? Who is this guy? He’s really good- where’d he come from?” And I described him as “a singer/songwriter. British. Red hair. Looks kind of like Ron Weasley. Writes songs for Taylor Swift and One Direction sometimes.” And look at him now. No will ever ask me who Ed Sheeran is again.

A lot of people know him for The A Team, Thinking Out Loud, Lego House, I See Fire, and Sing. All of which are GREAT songs and totally deserve the fame and attention they’ve received. But I want to throw it back and take a look at some of his older stuff, as well as his newer songs that maybe aren’t as popular or played on the radio- as well as appreciate his artistry and how AMAZING he is live (which, sadly, I don’t know from personal experience. So video footage will have to suffice as proof enough), and how great he is as a person.

So, below, I have created categories of reasons why everyone should love and appreciate Ed Sheeran, as well as multiple examples and evidence to back up my claim 😛

His Rapping:
Even though he’s not a rapper, he’s a singer with a flow. He’s got a habit of spitting quicker lyrics, you know.

His Passion:
(If you only watch one video in this whole post, make it this one!!!)

His Lyrics:

Things were all good yesterday
Then the devil took your breath away
Now we’re left here in the pain
Black suit black tie standing in the rain
And now my family is one again
Stapled together with the strangers and a friend
Came to my mind I should paint it with a pen
6 years old I remember when

My father told me, son
It’s not his fault he doesn’t know your face
You’re not the only one
Although my Grandma used to say
That he used to sing

-Ed Sheeran, Afire Love

His Music Videos:

(One of these screencaps is not like the others…)

His Live Performances:

(You guys, I remember him being this young starting out in music and I just love watching these old videos where it all began… at least, for me)

His Song Covers: 

His Personality:

ed twitter2

He once stopped his concert because I fan was having an asthma attack. He made sure security got to her, reached out and held her hand, then told the audience he would be back in 5 minutes, that he just wanted to run backstage and make sure the girl was ok.

Subhead- Cats:

ed sheeran

ed sheeran3

ed sheeran 2

ed sheeran 4

I also highly recommend that everyone give Bloodstream, Drunk, Little Bird, and Homeless a listen! They’re a few of my favorites of his.

In summary, I can’t wait for the moment I get to see him live in concert. Take notice, people! This is one artist that is deserving of all the amazing things that come his way.


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