Guilty Pleasures!

I know I said Monday was going to be my True Detective posts days, but you guys didn’t get a post from me last week, because I didn’t watch the second episode until Friday. And last night I was watching the Women’s World Cup (USA! USA!), so I don’t have a post for you today on True Detective, either. But I didn’t want to just not give you anything (like I did last week :/ ), so here’s a random post for you today!

Keeping in line with my TV posts on Mondays, I have a few guilty pleasure recommendations for you! Namely, MTV shows.

I know most of you guys are probably already judging me, but just hang in there and read this. Because, while MTV has a lot of crappy reality TV series, their fictional TV series are actually really fun!

Teen Wolf: Mondays 10/9c
I’m not even joking when I say that this show is really well written. Unfortunately, I’m a season behind at the moment, but I’m eager and excited to catch up and start watching Season 5, which just started about a week ago! Two years ago I went to the panel for this show at NYCC and got to speak to Dylan O’Brien, who is just so great and friendly and funny, and definitely one of the best actors on the show. One of the great things about this show, as well, is the strong female characters! The female leads are completely and totally equal with the male leads in the show. And, while it’s an MTV show, which means that every single actor is going to be astoundingly good looking and the guys are usually shirtless, there are actually some really empowering and touching moments throughout the show, and the relationships (romantic, familial, and friendly) are all so great. The action scenes are pretty awesome, as well. With a new mythological villain every season, the show keeps you on your toes.

Faking It: Mondays 9:30/8:30c (New season August 31!)
GUILTY PLEASURE TO THE EXTREME! I literally marathon’d the first season in one night. I am so eager for the next season to come back on! This show actually addresses a lot of really cool gay issues- bisexuality, bi-curious, intersex… traits in characters that you don’t see on TV very often. The characters are diverse and it’s so easy to root them on, even though Karma is a little… over the top. But it’s MTV, so… It’s just so much fun to watch and every episode leaves you wanting more!

Scream: Tuesdays 10/9c
This show just started last week and I’m already so invested in it! It keeps in line with the original Scream films, but is also more drawn out. It reminds me a bit of Pretty Little Liars, in that it will keep you guessing every episode as to who the killer really is, with lots of twists and turns. I’m a big fan of horror genres as TV series, so I’m always excited when something new comes along. This one looks promising! I’m eager to see how the season plays out, and how/if they’ll be able to make it last for more than one season.


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