My Week in NYC

I am so ready for life to get back to normal!

My roommates moved out this week, and my new roommates moved in. I finally filled all the rooms in my apartment and dealt with all the deposits and paying rent and it’s just been so chaotic at my apartment that I’ve pretty much been avoiding it all week, but that also means I’ve been having to leave my cat locked up in my room while I’m not there, so I try to come home to let her out so she can have some supervised fun in the middle of all this chaos.

But it’s just been a few crazy, hectic weeks and I’m ready for everything to settle down and get back to normal already! I suppose the worst part is over, though. The moving is done, everyone is getting settled, and the apartment is starting to get clean again. I’ve hired some cleaners to come by and give the apartment a good, deep cleaning as well. I spent hours on Wednesday and Thursday just reorganizing all the cabinets and cleaning and decorating- it’s so great to get a fresh start on the apartment and just start over. And I even had the apartment entirely to myself on Wednesday night and it was so wonderful and I want a one bedroom apartment already! But I will say that I’m really pleased with my roommates and really enjoying their company so far. (It hasn’t even been a week, but I’m remaining optimistic that this will work out well).

I’m trying to even think about what else I’ve done this week, and all my days are blending together. I can’t even remember what I’ve been up to apart from work and tending to the apartment.

There’s only one fun thing I can think of…

Last weekend, I walked with Macy’s in the NYC Pride Parade! 6 long miles in the rain, throwing out wristbands and waving that rainbow flag and yelling and cheering! It was exhausting, but a lot of fun! I think that next year I just want to attend the parade as a spectator so I can see everything, though. It was so neat being a part of the parade from the inside, but there were a lot of cool floats and people that I didn’t get to see (i.e. Darren Criss). But, overall, it was a great Pride Weekend!

IMG_8315    IMG_8302

I’ll be posting my Month in NYC video later on today- I have a lot of cleaning to do in the apartment today, first. -sigh-


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