My Month in NYC- June 2015!

Here we have it! The first of monthly videos with a little glimpse into my month in NYC. This is just a bit of my daily life, sights and sounds that I see, things that I get up to, etc. I’m still playing around with it and figuring out how I want to do this (after all, this is the first one!) so the way the videos look will likely change and evolve. But, for now, here’s what you get! I hope you enjoy!

***Disclaimer- I’ve started filming all of my footage on my iphone horizontally so the picture will be better, but I had a few bits of old footage before I realized that I needed to film like that, so sorry for the technical inconsistencies. That will be all fixed next month! Also, in my movie editor, my Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time footage only happened once. On Youtube, the same footage pops up twice in the video. And I’m too lazy to edit it… sorry not sorry!

Also, the main thing that I did this month was Governor’s Ball. And that was such a big event that it gets it’s own video! The link to that video is in the description box for the video above. Be sure to check that video out, as well!

Finally, I forgot to mention in my Week in NYC post from earlier today that i got to watch the most incredible fireworks show on Tuesday night… FROM MY BED! I was in the kitchen preparing my supper when I heard fireworks going off. I didn’t think anything of it, because it was the the night before July, so I figured people were just celebrating early. But when i got back to my room with my dinner, there was this amazing, professional, 1/2 hour long fireworks show happening right in my back yard. I literally had a direct view of it from my bed, looking out my bedroom window! The fireworks show was happening at Randall’s Island, which is where I attended Governor’s Ball! I didn’t take any video, but I did take a quick picture, just for proof 😛



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