Happy One Year Anniversary, Emrys!

A year ago yesterday, I brought my sweet little girl home with me! She was 6 lbs. She was very sick with Feline Herpes (a cold, not the STD). And she was so, very happy to finally have a home!

10533702_10152187703296006_2302780077115382803_n      photo (1)
 (The day I brought Emrys home)                            (Emrys now!)

This past year, she has brought me so much joy and laughter.

10649905_10152313205366006_5790845526510428278_n    photo 1 (2)

She never says no to a cuddle.

photo 2 (2)  photo 5 (1)

She’s always ready for impromptu photo shoots.

1509126_10152491407911006_3569559543056410832_n    10672199_10152318822296006_4783519284865620954_n

And she’s constantly entertaining me with her silly antics.

photo 4 (2)     10387260_10152234712161006_7568366169807513212_n

I am so happy to have her in my life and to come home to this little cutie every day!

photo 3 (2)

That being said…

Emrys was SO bad this week. You guys… SO BAD.

First off, she ripped up an $800 check. So there’s that.

Then she peed on my best Victoria’s Secret bra.

Then she dumped her food all over my bedroom floor and flipped her water bowl… again, all over my bedroom floor.

She pulled my work blazer off the hook from where it was hanging by my closet and slept on it. My BLACK work blazer. That is now covered in cat hair.

And then she puked on my bed (which was easily forgiven, because it’s easy to clean up, and also because I really hope she’s not getting sick!)

And while my roommates were in the process of moving out, she kept sleeping on top of their suitcases. Which isn’t as bad and is easily excused, as she’s a cat, and that’s a thing cats do. But I’m sure they were angered by it.

I have no idea what got into her this week. I mean, I left the check on the highest shelf of my bookcase, which is where I always store papers in my bedroom, as I know she likes to rip up paper and cardboard. And she’s never been able to reach that top shelf before. I still have no clue how she got up there. I was asleep as she got it down. I only woke up to the sound of her ripping the check up. I taped it back together and managed to do a mobile deposit through my bank, thank God. But I was pretty freaked for a bit there. And peeing on my bra… just, what? Ok- so I shouldn’t leave clothes on the floor. But it was one bra! And it was a tough week! Ladies- you know how it is! You get home and rip that sucker off, throwing it anywhere. But apparently Em wasn’t happy with the mess and let me know it. That brat.

She could tell I was mad at her after the check and pee incident. I gave her the silent treatment for about 12 hours and she slumped around the house with her head hanging low. But she purred so loudly when I finally gave her attention again, so i guess she’s still pretty cute in the end. Stupid cat.

After she got all of that out of her system, she has been super sweet and cuddly. I feel bad, as I’ve been having to lock her in my room while I’m at work, because my roommates moved out yesterday, so there was a lot of traipsing in and out of the apartment and packing and boxes and I didn’t want Em to be in the way or to sneak out with the movers as they were loading the truck. But she has total freedom and the ability to roam the apartment again starting today! She also has a vet appointment tonight to get her shots updated… my poor baby. She’s just having a rough week!

But when I came home from work every day this week, she was always super loving and cuddly. She crawled straight into my lap on Monday when I came home and took a nap there for a while. And yesterday she rolled over as soon as I got home so she could get her belly rubbed. She’s been handling being locked up like a trouper.

And now my new roommates are here and she’ll have loads of attention and new people loving on her, so I’m excited and eager to see how she adjusts to that! I’ll be sure to give you guys an update next week!


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