The Adventures of Emrys

This is Em’s last week with her boyfriend! Oliver will be moving out this upcoming Tuesday, and Em will go back to being an only cat! I think it will be for the best, though. Oliver has actually been bullying her quite a bit lately- pinning her down and swatting at her and making her cry. He even bit her the other day and came away with a mouthful of hair. I’ve been having to separate them a lot more than usual, lately. I don’t know if Oliver can just sense the stress from my roommates as they search for a new apartment and it’s rubbing off on him, or what. But he’s just been a bit more domineering over Emrys than usual. Emrys still loves playing tag and hide and seek with Oliver though, and I know she’ll miss him at first, but I think she’ll benefit from being an only cat again.

So, for one last funny story about this duo: I keep all of Em’s toys in a cat bed in my room. Oliver never shows much interest in toys, but he’s been very intrigued by one of her toys in particular, lately- a blue mouse. Oliver sneaked into my room the other day and pulled the blue mouse toy out of Emrys’ “toy box” and started playing with it. He bit it and scratched it and effectively “killed it,” only for Emrys to come strutting up and push him aside. She laid down and wrapped her paws around the mouse, then looked up at me with innocent eyes as if to say “Look mom! I killed this for you!” She is so fake! Oliver did all the hard work, only for Emrys to take all the fame and glory. Poor Oliver!

photo (6)

One of my new roommates will be bringing a hamster with her, so there will still be another pet in the house, but I’m going to make sure Emrys will never come in contact with her, as she would likely eat her for dinner! She’s a really great hunter and always gets the kill. For example…

Emrys did an amazing job at assisting me in killing a horse fly the other night. It was a HUGE fly making it’s way around my room. Emrys jumped up on my bed so she would be higher up, then managed to swat the fly, forcing it to land on the wall, where I went in for the kill. Amazing teamwork, if I do say so myself! What an assist! And then there was another fly in the house when I was showing a room in the apartment that I’m renting out. Em thought it was the perfect time to freak out and kill the fly. She flew across the living room and leaped into the window, smacking the fly as hard as she could. She successfully killed it, much to the amazement of the girl who was viewing the apartment. She exclaimed, “I’ve never seen a cat so active before!”

And, in true Emrys form, my weirdo cat has found a new favorite spot in the apartment: the living room window. As I mentioned last week, I installed a window AC unit in my bedroom (she’s still fine with it… just took some time to adjust). Unfortunately for Emrys, this means that she no longer has window access in my room. She was really bummed about it, but just moved to a window in the living room. I walked out to watch some TV the other day and found her sat in the window like so…

photo (7)

I cracked up! She’s so funny sometimes, without even trying to be! I actually laughed so hard and for so long that she sat up and hung her head in embarrassment. Poor thing! I apologized to her for laughing at her and gave her some cuddles, so she stretched out once more, content to soak up some sun rays.

This time next week, Emrys will have 3 new roommates, which is sure to be a huge adjustment for her, so I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated!


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